Dinner with Dalai Lama

March 2, 2012

Tonight I had the most delightful dinner with one of my best friends…..

She has an ability that no human I have ever met has….to tell you THE TRUTH …in a wonderfully laughing  sensitive way….

as I have written before she is  cursed by having to be ALWAYS HONEST…

when you ask a question, without .thought…she immediately replies with the truth….which if about you …you accept and honestly laugh with her at……..and you FEEL amazingly SOO  GOOD….

I was telling her that I have a white girl friend my age…who has 3 adult children who are doing well financially…..(I should preface this by saying she married well …was brought up well….)…..but Charlotte….is trying to start her own business..does not have much money ……BUT …..would NEVER ask any of her kids for money…as it would seem to her that they would think she was a failure…..

I asked my friend what she would do in this situation…she said “HEY….if my sons  don’t take care of me in my older years I would be shocked…as well they know I have raised them and taken care of them all these years…..to answer your question…it would NOT be a question!!!”

I said there is such wonderful way Black people handle their children compared to all these alternative ways White people feel they must….

and I think of the old ..maxim “Spare the rod and spoil the child”…which goes back to William Langland in 1377 and comes from the Bible:

. In the King James VersionProverbs 13:24, we find

” He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes…”

I feel it is such an honor to revel in the presence of such a  friend….and by “reveling” I mean to sit in awe of such a wise person ….(wondering why she is not the Pope)….

as wise as the Dalai Lama sitting  next to me on a bar stool….. eating spicey Latin food..drinking WONDERFUL Mixologist concoctions  that have  a stick of beef jerky in them…

If you EVER should be lucky enough to encounter  such an individual in your travels through Life….Grab onto thieir Wisdom…..and slowly inhale their  meditative  thoughts ….as it will make your path through Life so…sooo…  much easier…..

I feel so Blessed and Thankful!!!

One Response to “Dinner with Dalai Lama”

  1. xxRob:

    Your BFF aka Dalai Lamaeete ( girl version) KNOWS community and knows the synergy and the energy of the Universe. It is a blessing, sometimes, to be poor- you know to share is to survive. Love is an ENERGY. No territorial flag that separates it by creed/age/sexual orientation/ethnic box/cage/prison/cave. PERIOD. To withhold is about power. Power structures are about people who love the height of the trees in Michigan-mindless connections that are supposed to “connect” but fail. Connection is about soul and singing together in a choir of gospel.

    Re-listen to Esperanza Spalding’s and the Southern California Children’s Choir sing : Its a Wonderful World- sung at the Academy Awards. That is PURE giving- no boundaries. The adult children “should” feel honored that they can offer their resources so their Mother can make a further contribution to the world rather than just raising/contributing them! Those adult children are cheating themselves- and creating a “wave” in the Universe of their soul’s poverty and neglect.

    x C

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