I awoke this mo…

April 28, 2012

I awoke this morning very early…well actually my normal time…4 AM …but I usually try to sleep later on weekends…

But my roommate told me his girlfriend  who is divorcing his college roommate…(n she has 2 youngins…but she trades custody every week on Thursday eve)…..from the “Hamptons” was flying out on a “free” ticket…..last night….she just left 2 weeks ago ..so they either are extremely horny or very much in love…

they were not home when I got back from the WONDERFUL show “Billy Elliot” that I went to last night with  my oldest friends….actually both in age and the length of time.I have known them…my dear friend Jim who was in rehab after breaking his shoulder…who has flashed back into physically improving SOO MUCH  and the Gorgeous Miss Doris and Mr Jimmy…he is 88 and she is a young sexy 82…

my roommate has the unrequited and nonstop sexual drive of a bull….as …though I cannot hear anything between our bedrooms…when I am out on the landing I DO HEAR…her screaming….”Oh KEEP FUCKING Me!!!” and it goes on like forever….I just mutter ..Oh Give it a Break…..at 65 am able to say that..tho I DO remember and understand the excitement back then….

so this AM …I ate breakfast at 6…showered (before they had used all the hot water).,… and left the house at 8:17 to go down to pick up my laundry at this wonderful Asian Cleaners …that I just LOVE…it was recommended by Yelp back when I had to get the WWII Navy Officer  Suit altered for Halloween…..

but one of the family members  who works there every Saturday….(I think he is straight but he has such a muscular body..that one wonders)…..

what  really AMAZES me is his memory….he has remembered my name EVER since I first started to go there…and when he sees my car arrive..he has my dry cleaning n laundry hanging on the counter hook before I get in the door….. seeing his smile and his “knowing” me ..well it just ALWAYS sets my weekend off right…..with a warm comfortable glow….

I drove to Home Depot …looking for a new Palm for my entry ..as the one I had ..well just gave up the ghost ….

I could not find any that were the right size for my glazed Chinese “Fishbowl” that my dear departed partner ..Elizabeth Nesser (Clark Gable’s sister-in-law) gave me back when we had “Elizabeth’s Staircase” on the Montgomery family owned “Sunset Plaza”…..which was one of the Best periods in my life..as I sooo loved Liz…she had a delicious sense of humor and could hold her liquor against me….well almost….we both worked hard and partied hard..

.laughed so much that we ended tearing up….soo soo many times…(stories for another day)

we had  have ALL of “Hollywood” glamour shopping at our boutique…

from Nancy Reagan with her Secret Service detail..who use try to  return cheap silver plated  table “gifts” from some luncheon she attended  …which we had never supplied in the first place…

she REALLY is cheap…the night before Christmas Eve one year she arrived with her armed ensemble to have us wrap a gift …to be sent “next day air” to I think her brother in Philadelphia…(we WERE KNOWN for our gift wrap)…well the “gift” was obviously something someone had given…Ronnie and her…and when Liz and I opened the slightly crushed box of British table mats ….we noticed they had been used……and we thought…well F… if Mrs Reagan and her staff cannot clean a late (used)  Christmas Present….Why should we………

to the “Dynasty” stars…Linda Evans …(one day a school bus that was on a field trip screeched to halt on Sunset Blvd in front of our shop….and disgorged all these high school kids as they saw Linda entering our shop…she was quite wonderful…signing autographs…(fortunately this was before smart phones and Facebook..))…

Joan Collins…..

Lizzie Montgomery.from “Bewitched” ..(who (or is it whom?)  we ALL adored…such CLASS and tenderness…she had this wonderful WONDERFUL older Black man who was her security guard and the driver of her Classic Bentley………he just LOVED our eggnog at Christmas….

and then  the extremely talented  Latin  singer…….Vicky Carr…..

Cubby Broccolli (sp?) and his wife…(they own..tho he is dead now) the James Bond series)…

and gosh  the actress …..Jamie Lee Curtis …is such a WONERFUL woman..so so tenderly..sensitively Sincere…she n Lizzie were the BEST!!!

Today  was such a Gorgeous California cloudless Azure sky day…I decided to let my car take me to where it wanted to……well it drove me WAY  out Sunset Boulevard…took a left  turn as it neared Brentwood….down to San Vicente…where there is the WIDE…well thought out years ago median in the street…where joggers of all ages  are pushing themselves daily…especially on weekend….

I ended up in a street parking spot on Ocean Blvd…..which is the cliff overlooking the beach and Ocean in  Santa Monica….

well it was Quite Wonderful!!!….I have driven  by this area many a time in years past…but never stopped… it has a wonderfully diverse group of people…nationalities…ages…physically  challenged…and groups of people being led in different exercises..with balls and rubber band type things…..

I did go see the movie…”Bernie” which was entertaining….

the  highlight of my evening…was I went down to my neighborhood pub….for dinner….the “Idiot “(Village Idiot)…it use to be the very Chic restaurant “Chianti” since like the 50’s…..and then laid fallow…until about 4 or 5 years ago  when this Aussie and his friends gutted it and turned it into the FABULOUS “Village Idiot”…which is always jumping…

at 5:44 when I went in..well it was PACKED…..no table available…..one usually is supposed to seat them self…but they do post a host at the door.for the traditionally confused

.well this gorgeous BUXOM girl was there this eve…she said that I could wait for 10 minutes for a table  or seat myself at the kitchen counter……

(let me digress..the restaurant is this seemingly HUGE place because of the high  ceilings….with  the old original brick walls exposed …you enter on the West wall..restaurant extending ahead of you…the u shape bar…in the middle of the room…in front of and to your right…tables and then booths to the immediate right … in front of the windows that are open when it is warm…..the open kitchen is to the back right…and extends along the back East wall to the back)

anyway Buxom told me I could wait or seat myself over at one of the 6 stools in front of the “kitchen” area…

all I can say is THAT is where I will seat myself from now on…

HIGH THEATRE!!!…as you cannot only observe the kitchen activity …but you can see behind the scenes…of the staff…their expressions…their banter…..

there was one chef – one sous (sp?) chef..and one helper on… when I sat down…

what REALLY struck me was this one Chef…

he was tall.and very lean with the softest looking baby  skin ..looked like he was in his 20’s….

his tenderness and thoughtfulness as he prepared every dish so attentively….totally unconscious (sp?) of anyone watching him…..amazed me as I expected a chef to be more like Ramsey..and throw everything around with a LOT of expletives…..

he took a break to eat all of 15 minutes of dinner in the back (he ate the same thing he had prepared for me a dish called “no face” .. a delicious vegetarian fare)

and this guy..another chef probably the same age…but with a TOTALLY different vibe took over…he had red hair,,,a red beard…and was tatted up all of his left arms..(but  NOT his right arm)….

..and you could see…(well I probably imagined) morning glory vines strangling his throat as they wended up from  his lower body ….

SHIT……  this blog has NOT achieved the ENERGY that I wanted to accomplish …..so I think I will just bin it…..

no will post it…as it is just another insight into my Wonderful Life!!!  (which I honestly sincerely  mean!!!)

and I just finished reading “Wild” ..about this girl (true story)  who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail..from Mexico to Canada ..which ..well I could feel her physical pain as…I and many of my siblings traversed the N American continent by canoe with my father ..primarily through Canada…and in segments as you cannot go from East to West…and the trips were HELL…as even my father said it was like beating your head with a hammer…you were glad when it stopped….(that he admitted that AMAZED me….)

and to end this …my last blog about being bullied…I received many a response…but probably the most barb wire ripping was from my BRILLIANT younger brother ….how he ALSO was bullied at St Albans…to the extent that from winning the trophy and being an A student…he went to where he was so scared he just could NOT concentrate and had to change schools…..

the period in life that have been  eras-ably Etched in our essence ..were the years from   the 4th-8th grades……

our Father had raised us …that ONLY sissies complained…..so neither of us ever did…and it is only more than 50 years later that I find my bro…has had the same acidic burning pain…………

we both have moved WAY beyond those days….

but unfortunately….. one cannot erase a memory….just try to understand the WHY…and if you CAN  like I did last week…50 years later….thanks to classmate  Rev Brooks……


One Response to “I awoke this mo…”

  1. bob fawsett said

    Great post bro…..Even though I’m not your blood brother…..

    I just want to say thank you for posting ( last week ) your thoughts regarding those years of bullying ( 4-8th ), primarily because of the Rev Brooks’ tremendous response, with his insights about the twin evils of bullying and racism…..and their generational causes.

    I had never connected the dots of their similarities – long term pain and self-esteem issues?

    For some reason that dredged up in me remembrances of my years at IBM in the 60s and 70s when “affirmative action” commenced in earnest as an answer to entrenched racism.

    I then complained to anyone who would listen ( Rev Brooks included ) that “mistakes were made” by those policies, even if they were well intended.

    “AA” was too severe a response to years of racial and gender injustice; too blunt an instrument………

    And, in some instances, I felt the wrong people were pushed ahead to positions of leadership that created stress amongst the rank and file in many companies. Many people ( white males ) were forced to leave careers in corporate America as a result.

    I even expressed the fear that the same has happened with recent Presidential politics?

    However, my realization today is that were are all capable of a change of heart. There really was an unequality even in the price many of us paid for AA. In hindsight, it really wasn’t “game over”.

    We ( white males ) overcame it all over time, didn’t we?

    In reality, we had “multiple opportunities” then vs. many who up to then had none…..we had to become more selfless or less selfish about how to move up for our families’ well-being.

    Every American getting a shot whether “fair” or not is the only way life should be here. The trouble is, it’s still hard to legislate that just as AA was initially.

    What brought these thoughts full-circle in my mind today?

    Sidney and I watched ” The Help” last night, after reading the book two years ago.

    Like Billy Crystal, I immediately wanted to run out and find a black woman to hug, ha!

    But…..on re-examination, as ugly as “AA” was during our past mid-century years, it had to occur….period……no matter what the consequences for the status quo.

    Our failures as an intelligent society, from the beginning of our Republic until the Civil Rights movement, were so huge that they had to be fixed as quickly as possible.

    Perhaps, all we argue about today as Democrats and Republicans, is the pace of that change and how to achieve it without achieving the opposite effect – weakening people’s self-esteem again?

    The problem has morphed today into the 99% vs. the 1% issue. The lack of opportunity in America for all has shrunk regardless of race or gender…………and that requires a whole ‘nother level of political wisdom and action.

    This is not something that’s easily RELEASED. My hope is that whoever is elected can fix that….Lord, help us all!

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