To ALL my Female friends (incl TG)..a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

May 11, 2012

This eve…as the leaves rustled through the Oaks and the light began to fade on Martel …I walked down toward the Idiot….

the next block had been closed off all day…as they were filming a movie I assumed….

the wonderful Black waitress

(and I have to preface this…the REASON I  say what skin color she is…well all my white friends would assume she is White…and I think my Black friends would also..if she was Latin or Asian I would say that also….sorry if  it offends anyone but….that is the way WE are)

…who usually looks cross at me if she did not want to bother with my tired ass….totally lit up when I acknowledged her and asked about her week…and when I asked what movie they were filming….went to ask “Pete”…she came back and smilingly said…”You WON’T believe this but it is just a Pizza Commercial…” and she named the Pizza Company that I had never heard of…. I said WOW they must have tons of money to rent a house – block off a whole street  and have 7 LARGE trucks outside of the house…(but I did notice that they had a porto fired oven to cook pizzas for the crew)

Janeline’s response to me tonight made me realize…what an ass I have been to her… the past few times….as I NEVER showed her any emotion..(she is actually fairly new..tho THAT is NO excuse)….as I always get too caught up in my reading……and I guess she always looked cross….which did not make me want to talk to her…..

But WOW…what a smile she has…(sigh)..just shows WHAT I must do always….just be in the moment and GIVE ..GIVE…GIVE….rather than selfishly think about myself….

I thought I had buried “bullying” a few weeks ago…

Until I read about Mitt Romney’s …in the Washington Post…this week….

it brought the time I was bullied at St Albans back  so fast ..SMACK …into my face….that it ignited those old feelings that I had thought  I had put into the ground …but alas…if you were EVER bullied as a kid…it NEVER leaves your mind……it distorts your life (and this can be a good/bad you don’t follow your father’s or family’s  heritage)….

I guess the saddest thing I found out after I wrote my blog about being bullied at St Albans was to read my youngest brother having had the same experience…where he academically suffered and changed schools…and it was NOT until he was at college (like me)…that he could relax and move on…

The reason I am sad …is that an OLDER brother should be able to HELP his younger brother …but honestly when one was bullied back in that period you were TOO embarrassed to share it with ANYONE….as ..well for me, my father would have looked upon it as a “weakness” …

I AM soo glad times have changed and hopefully NONE of my Grandnephs or neices have to go through what Sumner and I did….

BUT  to read and listen to Romney’s bullying…where he and a posse of his goons …. from his prep school Cranbrrook….went out and attacked a guy…whom Romney felt was wrong in appearance the guy was “different” and had bleached blonde hair….they pushed him to the ground…and while he was screaming and crying…Romney cut his hair off…as Lauber did not conform…to what was the expected norm…

I guess what shocks me is that Romney says he does not remember this but apologizes…to all those he played “pranks” on…..

WELL that is the lamest EXCUSE I have EVER heard…anyone who rounded up a group of friends…to pursue another harmless knock him on the ground…and then cut off the guy’s peroxided hair….HOW does he NOT remember THAT???????

ONE remembers WHEN one does an injustice..

as does one to whom an injustice has been  done .

we will remember, unfortunately, til our last gasp……….

I think if Romney’s “minders” had told him to admit to his “prank” and say he was seriously sorry for what he had done…the whole issue would have  dissipated …..

but unfortunately …those with BIG egos …(people unsure of themselves)…do not know enough to apologize…(sigh!!)

I am motoring out to the Beach tomorrow….and walk for hours Northward….in the sand amid the sea gulls…

to  just reflect and ….

ENJOY the FABULOUS Life  my mother gave me ..for   all of these  years!!!!

One Response to “To ALL my Female friends (incl TG)..a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”

  1. ron said

    Rob, Always beautiful reading what you have to say. Ron

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