Transformers…it just takes ONE click

May 30, 2012

A letter from an old friend of over 44 years….whom I met at the Idiot last week…and wrote me…

The puzzle that I never knew…falls into place….

Both in love with the same woman….

Leaving college so he would not wreck his life…and could be with her..

My Discovering…being Gay….

Next year going back – to finish once again my senior year…

It was 1969 – he could not..would not get drafted as he was/is anti-war

Joined the Peace Corps … save people in far off places….

The one and LAST night I was with her…he called her  from Hawaii where he was stationed…before being sent to Thailand

He had picked out where he would take her on Oahu…where he would make love to her…

The call he made was picked up by her witch roommate Judy..

“Oh Sherry is with Rob of course…” and then she hung up the phone…

This pushed him close to the edge of the cliff behind his room….with the ocean crashing onto the beaches below….

The transformer clicked back on in him…….pissed at me…but laughing at the moon

little did he know I was GAY…nor did I know that he had called Sherry…(we NEVER had sex as tho I loved her – she was ALWAYS  his)

the next night I was  in the spartan bed of the most admired Science Professor at college at the time….



The smile of an 18 month – showing you his Belly Button..

Sitting in an “adult chair” as he won’t have anything to do with child’s things…

In his Dad’s noisy pub….

Tatted, Bald cut, Dad…saying that there is another on the way…..

Makes one smile and feel  sooo Good!!!!

I LOVE RJ…and he is not here yet…(sigh!!)

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