Forget the skinny white bitch…hire the single hungry Black woman with one child….

June 22, 2012

I just was walking back from the Idiot…and was amazed at the profusion of lavendar…the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom as are the Verbena (? thought they were Pittisproum (sp?)) …they all bloom just at this time of year…and are quite wonderful to behold…..

I was reading an article at the Idiot..actually a book review in the New Yorker…of Sheila Heti’s (someone whom I have never heard about)…book “How Should a Person Be?”……….

she is a Canadian writer living in Toronto …who is 35…

it seems to me it is basically a “Reality-type” book….as opposed to she says “Increasingly, I’m less interested in writing about fictional people…because it seems so tiresome to make up a fake person and put then through the paces of a fake story…”

she goes on to say that she wants a simple life…and by that she means a “life of undying fame that I don’t have to participate in. I don’t want  anything …It is the quality of fame one is after here, without any of its qualities.”

she  says “we live in an age of some really great blow-job artists”…which makes  me think what century has not…

needless to say I am NOT  going to read her book….as I am totally wrapped up in the warm book (Thank you Jan) by Jane Gardam’s “Old Filth” (which I think is a terrible title)….it is the kind of book you want to read when it is snowing outside and you light the fire and curl up on your sofa with your faithful Golden Retriever at  your feet snoozing…………..

Jane is an older, accomplished British writer…who has won many  an award….the only one to be given the Whitbread Prize twice,  for the Best Novel of the Year…..

and then I was reading the article in The Guardian by Oliver Burkeman about his recent book “The Antidote:Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking”…

.and the article was titled: “Happiness is a glass half empty”……………..

I am going to quote the book a lot..but he basically says that WE now are a generation of people who believe unrealistically that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS going to be Sunshine and roses….only because we feel  we are Entitled to it…………

and here go the quotes that I totally identified with…….

“it is our relentless effort to feel happy, or to achieve certain goals, that is precisely what makes us miserable and sabotages our plans….it is our constant quest to eliminate or to ignore the negative…that causes us to feel so insecure, anxious, uncertain or unhappy in the first place.”

“Yet this conclusion does not have to be depressing…..learning to enjoy uncertainty, embracing insecurity and becoming familiar with failure” is necessary….”In order to be truly happy..we might actually need to be willing to experience more negative emotions – or, at the very least, to stop running quite so hard from them.”

“...when thinking about the future, Stoics such as Seneca often counselled actively dwelling on worst-case scenarios instead – staring them in the face.  Not only does ceaseless optimism make for a greater shock when things go wrong (and they will); imagining the worst also brings its own benefits.”

“Thinking about the possibility of losing something you value shifts it from the backdrop of your life back to centre stage, where it can deliver pleasure once more”

“Spend time vividly imagining exactly how wrong things could go in reality, and you’ll often turn bottomless, nebulous fears into finite and manageable ones. Happiness reached via positive thinkg is fleeting and brittle’ negative visualization generates a vastly more dependable calm.”

“..possessing an incremental outlook is a happier way to be, whether or not it leads to any outstanding success. It is a win-win proposition, for which the only precondition is a heartfelt willingness to lose….”

“Perfectionism is one of  those  traits that many people seem secretly ..proud to possess….yet at the bottom, it is an exhausting and permanently stressful way to live: there is a greater  correlation between perfectionism and suicide, researchers have found, that between feelings of hopelessness and suicide.

 To fully embrace the experience of failure, not merely to tolerate it as a stepping stone to glory, is to abandon this constant straining never to put a foot worng – …..and to Relax ……”

i mulled these two articles over  as I meandered home from the Idiot…among all the lavender blooms….

.(the Idiot  expects a HUGE turnout Sunday for the Euro 2012 game of the UK vs I must get there earlier to get my fave spot – the barstool against the wall ….overlooking the ktichen, bar and restaurant activity with the two HUGE screens blazing)

I use to think I wanted fame…and tons of money…but you know…I am 100% Happy where I am at…

a tad more money would not hurt…

but to be “rich” or “famous” today…is not what it was back not so many years ago…as today EVERYONE has access to your business…if you have money or are “famous”…

I had no  idea…that Kathy and Rick  Hilton..who bought our shop on Sunset Plaza…that their  skinny kids would become so famous for no achievement…just their last  names….

My favorite period in life is between WWI and WWII…as it was more mysterious…and one could imagine….now you are faced with the REALITY tape of what bloomers she was wearing after she got out of her limo for WHATEVER “non-social function” she is attending……………

I don’t know…but it just seems  that kids (basically white)…feel more “entitled” for no reason at all….just BECAUSE they grew up comfortably……and they were taught to see the glass always half full …(as I was…my mother was a Christian Scientist as was hers)…..but I frankly NEVER felt “entitled” …we kids always had to work our asses off physically..cutting down brush on our weekend or summer home (yes I know I was “entitled” back when I had no idea what  that word  meant)…..and this was back before the days of hundreds  of TV channels…think we had 3 B/W channels …we had one TV in the house  in the basement that we could watch basically for an hour at the most on weekends…as we were usually outside playing Kick the Can or Capture the Flag….

and as a younger person..and to this day… I  DO BELIEVE in the glass ALWAYS Half FULL………….but acknowledge it is cannot always be so ……

as a very young kid..when my parents and bros and sises left on a motor trip…I imagined them all burning up in a car accident…and I guess that is due to the fact that my paternal grands burned to death in Florida where they were “wintering” in the 30’s   when my Dad was a Freshman at Carleton College……their friends …the Fields’ chauffeured driven car – due to a lightening storm … ran into a gas tanker that had screeched to a halt due to a  downed electric line across ….. the road…..


But  I was ALWAYS thankful that my family NEVER  encountered what I imagined ….

My favorite co-worker went out a couple of weeks ago…to give birth to  her handsome son…and I can’t tell you HOW much I MISS  her…….her replacement was Joy Behr would say “a skinny white bitch”….well this girl really only wanted to get a paycheck….she is a temp…and well she did not last long in our department….as my boss had said before we got her…that she wanted a Hungry Black Woman with at least one child…..

and as I have said before…my boss just blows me away…as she is cursed  by Having to be always HONEST…it is just her fate in Life…..

and we got the next best thing…a less attractive, full figured, mature, white woman…who is HUNGRY!!!

Life is TRULY Wonderful…as long as you don’t expect too much of it………………

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