The Bel Air Hotel Lit by a Full Moon Tonight

September 30, 2012

Tonight my dearest and oldest friends took me out for my Birthday to the Bel Air Hotel….

The hotel was closed for a couple of years to “remodel” and to get rid of the union…that all the employees belonged to…something that is today’s reality….

I use to go every brunch to the hotel with my next to the last lover I had…I knew everyone….all the employees…some of whom had been there for 30 years ….they became an extended family as I use to talk with them about their children….their life…their dreams..

There was one Easter when I had planned a brunch of 10 people…had made rabbit ears with marribou for everyone to wear and had the artist Barbara Embree hand paint an ostrich egg for everyone ..and I told her what they liked..what their profession was……so each egg was personalized….

I even had an egg hand painted for my favorite parking attendant who was planning to marry one of the waitresses….

I was very touched that when I went to pick up my car …that he had hand drawn on my parking slip a rabbit…with big floppy ears …I still have it as a cherished memory……

Well of ALL the employees that use to work at the old Bel Air …there are two that came back…..and one unbelievably was our waiter tonight…who came up and gave me a big hug…..that totally touched me…..

Back in the old days…it was a favorite spot for Nancy Reagan and her group …and will never forget Cher…in a corner dining table…pissed at her young lover …pouring red  wine in his lap…and getting up and grandly  leaving…..

Today the people are of course much younger…(well in Reality  …I have grown older)

…but the ENERGY…is still as Electric….the service is actually better…like the Plaza in Madrid ….Wolfgang Puck came by and shook all of our hands …thanking us for coming….

The whole experience made me feel wonderful….and reminded me of many many years ago when my sister Daidie and I danced up and down the shores of Lake Superior under the light of a Full Moon….

Life is Truly So Wonderful!!!!!

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