November 16, 2012

I saw my Doctor for my annual physical.  I told him that I wanted to be tested for Alzheimers…as my mind bothers me….

He said have you ever forgotten your keys…I said…YOU asked me last year if I had put my keys in the freezer….and I told you not yet…

He chuckled.

I said I DO though want to be tested..he said OK…I will  write up an order to have you do an exam…and when you come back with an 85% score of not having it …I will laugh at you….

He then said did I tell you that I was retiring in March???  I said NO!!!!  I asked you a year ago if you were retiring soon…(he has been my doctor for almost 30 years)…..and you said not for a long time….

I forlornly  said well WHO will replace you…he said Oh THEY will find someone….I looked disparagingly at my brown boots that needed a polish…..wondering if I had any polish left in the Kiwi  tin I have used for so many months…..

I asked him what he was going to do..(he is only in his 50’s)…..he said well teach a few days and travel before I get Alzheimers……he and his wife just came back from a wonderful small town (whose name he could not remember)… outside of Firenze Italy …where they rented a villa for a week…

He said your blood pressure has been so good that you should start by stop taking your Amlodipine…and see how that goes and maybe we can stop all your blood pressure meds…..

He shook my hand GOODBYE…and said a nurse will come in and give you a printout of today’s happenings…

Nearsighted  John came in .. his green hospital scrubs on and read me the report….

My  dear  retiring doctor  forgot to write down the directive to have the Alzheimer’s Test and also the directive to stop taking Amlodipine..

(sigh !!!!)

One Response to “MEMORY”

  1. susi said

    haha Maybe you should have had HIM take your test!

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