A Powdery Sugar Snow Moment

December 15, 2012

just returned from my Aunt’s funeral.  It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had

It took me 10 hours to get there ..I was still suffering from food poisoning …..…for what should have been no more than 4 hours….as one of the planes engines malfunctioned…..and we had to change planes…after for sitting 2 hours on the tarmac

I guess the wonderful thing for me ..on the second flight …I was seated next to this TOTALLY wonderful man…30 years old…an Australian now…who was a refugee from what today is Northern Sudan…..his name is Ezekiel (sp?)….he was making the journey not only due to the holidays but because his 2 ½ young son has to have a major operation….he was journeying to Lincoln Nebraska where his wife and mother are…..

He plans to move them to Australia by the end of 2013.

But talking to him…about Life…injustices….they tried to force him when he was 17 into one of those child armies….and that is why his family fled to Egypt and then onto Australia and the US….but in talking to him I was so hit by what a wise man he is ….his concern, care and love for others and for the environment…I guess what I am trying to say he was not bitter at all by the early cards he had been dealt….he was 7 feet tall…and had to sit in the middle seat…but such an aura…

His flight had been delayed in Australia… the flight took like 18 hours….and then he was on the plane where the engine caught on fire…and so was delayed another 6 hours..which made him miss his connection in Minneapolis….

He was on a budget…so I was going to buy him a dinner when the trolley FINALLY got down to our seats near the bathrooms…well they had run out of EVERYTHING but did have two cans of Pringles ..so I bought one for him (he was most thankful)…and one for me…the only thing I had eaten since Breakfast….

When we parted he hugged me and said “Robert You MUST come to Australia to see us”

The funeral…the grave side internment (my first)….well I had thought would be quite maudlin…

It was the REVERSE…it was the most Beautiful Experience…next to a wedding,  that I have ever been part  of…. And a lot of the experience is due to Eleanor, Marvin and Tom…..and Mother Nature

Oakland Cemetery I have visited 3 times – in the spring and summer….to visit the family plot….it is the oldest cemetery in St Paul…and just so beautiful you feel like you are in a very lush peaceful park…my father years ago added to the plot his father r bought…so all of our family plus his two new grandchildren could be rested there if anyone so chose….

We drove in the traditional Black Limousines into the cemetery…it had just snowed…and all the boughs of the trees were covered in snow…the sun was out…it was 11:00 in the AM

I later heard that at 12 on 12/12/12 it was 12 degrees ….

….the Episcopalian minister was there in his white robes to great us….. at least 50 friends showed up….

As the sun warmed the boughs…the wind would dust us in this fine powdeyr sugar snow…..and during the service from the Book of Common Prayer…a thud hit the canopy…and someone said “there is Mary..throwing a snow ball”

The simple wood coffin was blanketed in white rose buds…after it was lowered into the bosom of Mother Earth… we  each said our own prayer and gently  tossed in a yellow rose….and then cement slab was  lowered over it…entombing Aunt Mimi  FOREVER…

Years ago I saw my father cremated…where the body was pushed into the flames…and after his ashes were scattered later on Lake Namekagon…where Forest Lodge is….he is just GONE….I mean I feel cheated I cannot visit him…so I have decided for sure to join Aunt Mimi in  Mother Earth’s Bosom….(sigh)

One Response to “A Powdery Sugar Snow Moment”

  1. susi said

    Thank you, Robby, for sharing what it was like there… Rick walked down to the beach while I was at work that day and threw in a December rose he had picked, in memory of Aunt Mimi — not knowing you were doing the very same thing in St. Paul at her grave!

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