Living, Loving, and Appreciating Life

January 18, 2013

I Love New Experiences…interesting food and drink plus  an unusual ambiance….

It is totally Nirvana for me…

I usually go out with my friend Michelle to experience new joints….but usually more upscale as…well she is a woman worthy of SO so much!!!!

Tonight tho,  she …well has been sort of she lost her best friend of many, many years….and I DO know what it is to lose a close friend or relative….you amble on but feel something TOTALLY missing ….it took me many years to get over the loss of my best friend …who was murdered in my apartment by a rejected lover…and a long time to get over the loss of my mother….and also my  best friend and business partner Liz Nesser  (with whom I would travel to the UK once a year to stock our shop on Sunset Plaza..her claim to fame was that her sister married Clark Gable…his last wife…who was kinda stuck up)

….I always would think of something that both would love to hear …usually due to us 3 being such Anglophiles ….only to realize I could not call either of them…(sigh)….

So tonight without Michelle I went to experience a new place less “upscale”  “The Pikey” on Sunset …for 20 years I passed by the spot on Sunset called “Ye Coach and Horses”…and always wanted to go in…but the sign looked sooo tacky and dilapidated  that it turned me off……(these places  are usually the BEST joints to try)

it changed about a year ago into “The Pikey”….supposedly just updated  but with a new fab chef….

WELL it is just my cup of tea….it is like two long railroad cars next to each other…the bar on one side (where ALL the action was when I entered at “Happy Hour”)…long bar with stools on one side of the wall…. on the other side small booths for only two…..and in the other adjoining room …tables and booths for 4 …and I gather there is a room in the back for more… is intimate…nothing like my “Idiot” and the food is MUCH better!!! I will definitely be going back there again…….

It is decorated with all the UK paraphernalia you would expect besides odd photographs from a time long gone…. The lighting is excellently subdued and the music is current and  wonderful!!!

My waiter’s name was “Woodie”…and as stiff as that in movement….I asked him if his father was named Wood a dear family friend was named Wood… named his son Chip…who named his son Splinter….he said no my last name is Wood…and thus was nicknamed Woodie as a child…..

which made me think of the actress Natalie Wood…who the press will NEVER seem to let rest as they always are trying to dig up dirt on her mysterious death…off the water of Catalina..(an island) on the yacht she, her husband Robert Wagner , and Christopher Walken were on that weird night

This also made me think of WHEN was the first time I got drunk….or took my first drink….well it had to be at Carleton College in the “Arb”…where we would have keg parties illegally …. there were no bars in the small town of Northfield as back then they had only ONE place to get booze  ..a state controlled  liquor store….which when I became of age was scarey to go into as they would peruse your ID like you had just  escaped from prison….and I always felt I had….

Which reminds me of my Great Aunt Mary…I was visiting her in St Paul…when I had just started Freshman year at Carleton…(there are no other words to describe her house in St Paul…but to call it a mansion…as it had a  wooden balustrade that had been carved by convicts that wound itself down from the second floor…her walls were imported by her father from a French Chateau…she had a marble ballroom in the basement)…and one of the first elevators in a house….which on this particular afternoon…she descended in her wheel chair to be rolled in by one  of her maids…as I was sitting in her fire-lit living room… the Fall of 1964….

She told the maid to bring in champagne…to celebrate my first year at college….the maid looked at me and said “But Mrs Griggs…he is NOT old enough to drink”….she said “Pshaw…just bring us  champagne!!!…”

I think one of the most memorable evenings I got drunk…was probably senior year (second time as I had dropped out the year before)  in college..

I was home in DC visiting my family during Christmas …I had recently  realized (yes I was a late bloomer) that I was gay….I had been to NYC alone  to see “Oh Calcutta” and that was hard to explain to my parents during a candle lit dinner back then….(sigh!!)…the nudity and everything…I also saw a gay play which I did not tell them about …”The Boys In The Band” …written by Mart Crowley who would become a customer of mine and Elizabeth’s  in our shop “Elizabeth’s Staircase” on Sunset Plaza …also Nancy Reagan another customer use to buy gifts to be delivered to Mart at the Beverly Hills Hotel …when he was in town….

I did NOT tell them about the gay play …as they did not know I was gay…..they were kinda shocked I saw “Oh Calcutta”…as they had heard about the nudity

I gave them some excuse as why I could not go with them and the whole family  to our weekend place in the mountains of Blue Ridge Summit PA for New Years……..and was so so relieved when they all left….

I went down to a gay bar (and of course this was back when being Gay was totally unacceptable)…. in Georgetown that was just JUMPING….and met a guy in his late 20’s who was quite attractive….took him home and bedded him….we ended up in the early morning taking a shower …not realizing the toilet below had been stuffed up by  a girl friend of one of my brother’s Kotex….

we showered for a delightful FOREVER…a first for me….until Lisa our Norwegian maid was knocking on the bathroom door…saying “Robby your showering has flooded the dining room and is pouring into the basement”

I said OK OK Lisa..I will be right down…..I told Chris to dress fast and showed him the back door…and spent the morning with a terrible hangover sopping up water with Lisa  before my family returned………..

I  corresponded with Chris from college ..only for him to write me and tell me that he was flattered…that I was sooo naïve to “fall in love with him”….that for him I really was a one night stand….

And speaking of New Experiences…my new roommate…well is just SOO WONDERFUL….such beauty, such style, she is the kind of person…Who just HAS IT!!!

you want to protect her  from Life….(when you have lived as long as I have)…she might not realize it totally yet…but she IS a MAJOR star….as she knows how to appreciate Life and Give back!!!!

She reminds me of Aunt Mary, her love for Life, non-stop giving to others and  for her appreciation of the mystery behind the Hobbit’s door….

A  Moment in Time when you truly thank The Powers that Be for Your Life…!!!

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