Another Blossom Has Drifted Down

January 25, 2013

I just lost one of my oldest and dearest Friends…Miss Doris…..she was 84ish….had gone into have a valve replaced in her heart last week…as she had it done 15 years ago the old fashioned open heart surgery way where they crack your rib cage….….this time they went in for a microscopic operation ….which we all thought would be a breeze…but somehow her heart got punctured ….she developed a fever and just an hour ago died….

She was one of those women that had balls…she Always gave you a direct answer…no pussy footing around her….she was strikingly handsome…..I remember on my 40th birthday she appeared – having just had her face done…I thought WOW …her face is pulled way too tight….but man in her mid 80’s Everyone would comment about how stunning  she was….

She was born in Ida Oklahoma….and left there almost as soon as she could walk….

Married 3 times…the last time to her high school sweetheart….Jimmy who  will be 90 this year….she always said she hoped she would outlive he knew nothing about budgeting expenses…she gave him an allowance once a month…..but she worried about her health being worse than his…he has NEVER had anything wrong with him except a cold…she has had cancer….heart problems.. cholesterol issues …hip problems…she always said “Shit these Golden Years …sure lack Gold…”

She was my gay  Uncle Sumner’s “beard”…way back in the 60’s….she was Gorgeous…back then had jet black hair and knockers that would shame Jane Russell…(actress liked by Howard Hughes and KNOWN for physical endowment)..

After my uncle died…she and Jimmy would have me over to their house at least once a month for dinner….(he is a wonderful cook)…..we often would go through 2 bottles of wine after quite a few cocktails before dinner …..and once Doris started to laugh…well it was contagious…..we would end up on the floor laughing as Jimmy looked on with a quizzical look…..

The day before she went in for her operation she called me at work (I get there at 5)….she called me at 5:05….which surprised me….I said Doris what’s up?  She said well I could not sleep and just wanted to tell you how much I Love You…..

2 Responses to “Another Blossom Has Drifted Down”

  1. Oh xxR:

    Another blossom has drifted down…..and, she called me at 5:05….which surprised me….I said Doris what’s up? She said well I could not sleep and just wanted to tell you how much I Love You…..

    My Mother, Doris, suddenly drifted away 16 January 1997. I found her. She told me the most profound perceptions of me the night before. When I returned 10 days later to the studio, her voice was on my answering machine: “Catherine, when are you coming home…I will be waiting for you…” All the plants in my studio were in bloom: red.

    Five is the number of love. Love is. You have welcomed so many remarkable life forces into your life, and once entered their love blooms eternally within you.

    I am so sorry for your loss, the physical loss of your Doris. Yet her music, her fragrance, her colors and her expansive love is a plume in your wings.

    xxR, I want to tell you how much I love you.


  2. susi said

    Robby, so sorry you have lost this good friend. I wish I could have met her — she sounded like such a lovely person, and how wonderful that she was able to tell you how she loved before she died. much love, susi

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