Les dones catalanes són tan tranquil · lament bonica!

February 15, 2013

I only know one….

but the way she is raising her two (soon to be 5 year old)  twin sons with her husband….
well, reminds me of times past…before the age of instant gratification and electronics……
it is like how  I was raised…as back in the  4 channel B/W TV era …those things did not exist
one Makes one’s excitement with mystery, blocks, and imagination.
her kids never had those things…that  children have plugged in their mouths today to silence them
they wore cloth diapers…..
her husband prepares everything organic…from the chips ….to their smiles
they never have watched TV…(except PBS once in a Blue Moon)….as their parents  feel there is not  a NEED in life  to watch TV as so many of us constantly do….
One of the happiest times of the year for me is the beginning of March when I can go up and celebrate their birthdays….
they are skiing now… playing football (soccer)…and soon
will be leading Loose Change in their dance steps….before I blink an eye……(sigh)
Thank  the Lord for Catalan Women!!!!

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