February 16, 2013

as time passes there is less I  remember …..

I also find I have become more short tempered…which actually for me is a good thing…as all my Life I have tried like my mother to please everyone…and not myself…

but it is the memory that bothers me…I cannot remember the movie I saw yesterday….and if I leave the book I am reading alone for a couple of days…I have to go back through several pages to find out (if I can) WHAT the book is about….

people will ask me about a certain contemporary “star”…and I can picture them but cannot remember their name….it might come to me 6 hours later….

I fear Alzheimers might be creeping in…but hope not…and am glad I have Long term Health Insurance …which I was just notified was going up 85% …I pay $350 and it will go to a little over $600…a month….

I just LOVE Life…watching and seeing, smelling and feeling  it blossom in front of your eyes….. until it matures, turns into a Beautiful Fall Leaf to flutter down to the ground….(sigh!!!)

No matter what happens I will continue to  paddle on with a smile in my heart….

One Response to “Memory”

  1. susi said

    Robby, do you take fish oil, turmeric, other supplements?

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