The Full Moon and Upstairs Maids

February 23, 2013

I gaze out of my window at  the soon to be Full Moon…..Monday I think….

 For some reason  my mind flashes back to Burgundy Point…..(our Summer home)
to  the winter of 1968 when I went up from Carleton with Tom, Sherry, Dorothy Yang to ski at Telemark.. (Cable Wisconsin) near our summer house ……our driveway was a mile  in from the main road……and  was impassable due to the snow…. so we parked our car at the deserted (it was only a summer resort)  “Lake of Bays”…
which makes me remember my wonderful brother-in-law…David Donnelley…a Marine..his .desire to take out  on one clandestine night their neon sign that lit up very offensively  the lake…we rehearsed it…all men…dressed with black out on our faces…….we never did accomplish that though…as when we silently paddled across the lake with our stealthy bag of tools …we realized  that we would probably be electrocuted 
Sherry, Tom, Dorothy and I  trudged across through the snow on the lake to Burgundy….to the only winterized house we had…that my uncle helped pay for ..we always called it “Winter House”…..even though at the time I think I was the only one to ever use it in the winter….before my father retired 
There was a full moon and I was so in love….. with Dorothy…but also with Tom and Sherry…..a confusing time….as Tom and Sherry were in love…..
I learned SO  much sexually  from Dorothy…who without a doubt was the cleanest person I have ever had sex with……she taught me the sensuality of foreplay … was quite wonderful…which  has helped me throughout my whole  life ..I attributed this, at the time, to her being Chinese……her father was the 2nd in command of the Taiwanese Air Force….
the skiing was fabulous until Dorothy broke her leg on the Beginner’s Slope…..I was such a prick….and was mad that she had  ruined our weekend…..
she had to have a knee length cast put on….and she flung herself around in the back of the car  and just wailed the 3 hours it took to drive back to Carleton….which drove us all slightly bonkers…..
and I still being an asshole….would avoid her on  campus as she was crutching her way  to class…or trying to pursue  me…in all honesty she was Way Too Clingy….just ALWAYS HAD to have me… a child my Grand was the same way…and I would just recoil from her…her husband never physically  gave her anything but the sperm for my mother
this has made me think of crutches….and my wonderful older sister who has been using them lately due to knee issue…which made me think of my twin Grandnephs who are next week to be 5 years old….and would they keep the memory of their grand…by the noise my sister makes on her crutches …because..
my Uncle Sumner’s memory of HIS  grandmother Matteson…was the tap…tap…tap of her cane….as she came down the circular stairs from her room…and walked across the wooden floors of the hallway to the formal  Dining Room….with her black widow weeds and petticoats rustling….
 she would sit down with a huff..exhausted by all this physical activity ..and if she was upset with MY grandmother..(Uncle Sumner’s mother)…..(her daughter-in-law) …she would purposely have forgotten her false teeth… the glass by the bed….two floors up
my dear Great Grandmother loved her port…and paid the upstairs maid to take her bottles down and hide them in the trash….her mother in law (my grand- whom I never knew) found out one day and accused her of being an alcoholic …and that is when Great Grand purposely left her teeth out …..when she came  down to dinner…that long night far ago…..
Fortunately Great Grand died before the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and her son had to get rid of the Upstairs Maids

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