Don’t Ever Put Yourself In Mothballs

April 4, 2013

I read something about moth balls in an autobiography – actually Rupert Everett’s “Vanished Years” …which this February won the “The Sheridan Morley Award for Theatre Biography”…well Rupert writes amazingly WONDERFULLY….full of laughter and soft scenes…it made me buy his first “Red Carpets And Other Banana Skins” (Jan you like me are such an Anglophile you will enjoy these)

This made me think of the memories they (moth balls) evoke …

I associate Fall and Winter with them as my Grands mink coat and my mother’s fox stole…(which had the head of the fox outfitted with some snap device in its mouth so you could attach it to its tail and look very chic back then as the legs dangled down)_….. were taken out of storage from their cedar closets…and they smelled a bit too much with that moth ball scent…..which thank God eventually wore out…..

And if I wanted to OD on moth balls…there was a cedar closet in the attic of our DC house …right next to my bedroom….that I could wander into…

for some reason when I entered that closet that was really a room…. I always gravitated to the dress my sister was given by our Aunt Mimi….it was white – full skirt – and lace like….with a wonderful red bow around the midriff…and I think red bows on the sleeves….

I was soo jealous of my sister…as I had heard that Aunt Mimi had spent OVER a $100 on it (this is 1962)….and all I had ever received from Aunt Mimi was an enamel padlock from Gokey’s with ducks drawn on the enamel….I mean WHAT does a gay 16 year old do with an enamel padlock with ducks painted on it????? So I got ballsy and wrote Aunt Mimi a thank you note …telling her to RIP off her Mask and realize who I was….

I NEVER told my parents about this thank you note…as they would have given me away to the farthest (from our house) orphanage they could find ….or to the next gypsy that caravanned by our abode …as one was NEVER supposed to talk back to wealthy Aunt Mimi….it was JUST too ungrateful…..

It was JUST NOT done!!!

But the note hit home…as Aunt Mimi must have asked my Mom …later in my Life what I liked…. And at the time I was collecting boxes…. she sent me this Gorgeous Antique English Tea Box …which sits on my desk right now…it use to hold a beautiful note she wrote to me…but a jealous lover stole it many years ago…..

All of this makes me think of the stages of our lives we travel through…I am 66 – and in Good Health…considering….

so I am not Middle Age anymore….I guess I have one foot headed toward the grave…seems people die in their 60’s or 80’s and older….

which makes me remember my Mom…who could not believe she had suddenly become older…it was like she was a Spring Flower newly opened and then all of a sudden she was a desert flower sprouting out of an old cactus….she just wondered where the time went….as did my Dad who was SUCH a jock and physically active man…

all of a sudden toward his last chapter he developed Parkinson’s….and he droolingly said to me one day as I was wiping his ass in the bathroom…”Who Could Ever Believe…?!!!”

My Fabulous roommate has wonderfully (for me) extended her stay until the end of the year….and told me that she is in a new acting class and wondered if it was all right if she hosted classes in our Living Room…

ALL I could think of was to have THAT Energy circulating through the house….is WHAT every house should have….

I told her I would NOT try to play my new 5 piece drum set during those hours…..

As my dear friend Michelle says……”the glass is always more than half Full…everything is FOR a reason…and your Life just gets Better and Better….”

So don’t mothball anything or anyone……….otherwise you might miss out…..

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