I Should Have Stayed in Bed

April 20, 2013

You know I have some days that just go swimmingly well…where everything falls surprisingly into place….

Well today was the opposite…..I got up late – 6:30 – went out to get my papers and the NY Times was not there…but the LA Times was (which I really would not ever buy if I did not live in LA) …and the strange thing they both are delivered by the same paper person….and yesterday my NY Times did not come…so I called once again…at 6:45 and pushed this and that…no live person of course…and then the taped message said that I could not complain until after 10:00 AM …which seemed awfully late for me as I would be out at the beach by then……so I sighed…..and went down to the kitchen….as I was washing the coffee pot …the bottom fell out….and I thought “ohhh-nooooo”….
after breakfast I called the NYT again…as it was after 7 AM here …and I thought the recording might have been for New Yorkers…3 hours later …and I was right as Miss South Carolina’s recorded voice after I pushed pound and star and 1… 7 times said “Yawr Paypaa well bee duhlevered in annn hawhr…”
well it wasn’t…… so I motored out to Santa Monica to the Farmer’s Market and every red light that exists between here and there I hit……my usual parking meter was occupied so I circled the block one way and then back the other way….finally found a meter  four blocks away….
Angela from Wonderful  Farms did not have my red leafed bibb lettuce…..so I thought I should have just gone to Whole Foods…. up the block I found another farmer who DID have it….but  really much smaller than Angela’s and $1.00 a head…..but  fortunately my Asian (Japanese ..if we can still call them that…. “Japs” as Jim Reitzel would say ) lady from Happy Farms had my tomatoes…..
Being out at the beach when you go to a Farmer’s Market makes the produce seem so much fresher  than buying then on the streets of Hollywood…which I could so easily do on Sunday….
it was so vibrantly wonderfully beautiful….I really wanted to stay all day …..but Lady Luck was not with me…
as when I finally got back to my car I had a parking ticket….
I motored home….and decided to have lunch at Tender Greens….I won’t go into that experience…went onto the Grove to see the latest Tom Cruise movie “Oblivion”  which got a terrible review in the NYT (of Friday)…..I arrived 15 minutes before it was supposed to start….got all cozy in my favorite seat L5….and started reading my latest Granta Mag…..after 25 minutes a girl came in and said …”We are having projector problems…but hold tight as we should start in 10 minutes”….well after 15 she came back and said they could not change the bulbs in the projector and it would be another 30 minutes …and anyone that wanted to change theatres could as it was going to be shown in Theatre 1 in 30 minutes…well 98% of the people got up and left…I thought…why…if it is going to go on here in 30 minutes  it will start at the same time as the other…
well NO…..she came back in 20 minutes and told us it was NOT going to happen……so I thought I really should go home and get under my bed…..as this day was NOT meant for me……
when I got to my car …I had a flat tire.
(won’t post this until a minute after today…(Mary Jane’s Day 4/20)   🙂 )
it is now 12:30 in New York so will try to post……
(and originally I was going to write about Masturbation…as there is a fascinating article in this weeks NY Mag …maybe next week…)

One Response to “I Should Have Stayed in Bed”

  1. David Abernethy said

    Oh my lord Rob – I wish I was here to console you. What an awful rash of bad luck!

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