Lunch With Meg and Zach

May 19, 2013

they just took me out for brunch…..and I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to be with two such productive people in their 20’s…..

as one gets such insight into one’s own life and that of people younger….

Meg is still auditioning non-stop almost twice a day ….for TV – movies – which amazes me as she was such a Star in “Boardwalk Empire”…I am just amazed she has not been snapped up..but there is no question in my mind that she will be soon…..

Zach is a writer and has written a script that is being considered for a is a political thriller…sort of in the vein of House Of Cards……

they BOTH have such Wonderful Positive Energy…..that bounces off the walls when you are in their presence

this makes me think of an interview Charlie Rose did last week with Matthew Marcus, Tim Minchin, Dennis Kelley, and Bertie Carvel….the creators of the hit Broadway show “Matilda” that is up for 12 Tony’s….

I think it was Bertie Carvel who plays the mean headmistress or maybe it was Matthew – the Director who said….child actors are just amazing as they do not have the baggage of older actors….
and what older actors search for is the innocence they had as youths….Meg and Zach do not have to search

but talking to them about Life….their generation….compared to mine of Baby Boomers…. is fascinating…..

most kids their age are apolitical …..they are the children of the last entitled generation….their greatest fear is that there will be a nuclear war…. they really could care less about politics

Zach’s parents live in Ashland Oregon….his mother raises coffee and has her own bee aviary ….we talked of colony collapse….which his mother has experienced once……his father is a radiologist …

chatted about how due to the way crops are grown these days…with the pesticides…and additives ….that it leads to things like taller people…to bee colony collapse….food allergies….in other words what was thought of as beneficial to man really is the opposite…we were healthier when my generation grew up……days when front doors were not locked and we played freely outside for hours in the dirt…

we talked of how kids are raised today…being plugged into TV, the Internet, and Gameboy…..I mentioned how wonderfully my neph Owen and his wonderful wife Laura are raising their kids….without any TV…where one’s imagination creates one’s entertainment……which reminds me of the wonderful Treasure hunts through the pachysandra that dear Aunt Mary held for us kids growing up at Forest Lodge…..which makes me think of the organic berries I bought yesterday at the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica….

man the taste of those berries took me back to my summers on Burgundy Point when my wonderful sister Daidie and I would painfully try to collect raspberries…pause and eat all the berries..before we could leave the briar patch…….it was NIRVANA…..

I am blessed to have such a Wonderful Roommate……Life could NOT be better!!!

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