May 31, 2013

I was listening to PBS on my radio at the gym ..as I do everyday as I begin my warm ups ….they were talking about the difference between Gay, Lesbian and Hetero couples…as WHO does the work at home … cleaning the bathroom…taking care of the kids etc..cooking ..turns out that Gay guys are the fairest or most equal in agreeing on responsibilities….as straight men are use to the cultural norm (tho I must disagree when it comes to my neph and his gorgeous wife…)….they said Lesbians are the most likely to get divorced …which sort of amazed me as I thought of men with their wandering penises……but they found that Gay men when they committed to a “marriage” that they stuck to it….and there was something  commendable about straight men…but it was not dancing…..escapes me at the moment….

There was an article in today’s New York Times that caught my eye. “It’s Happy, It’s Danceable and It May Rule Summer”….and starts off:

“Students in this year’s high school musical at the School of the Future in Manhattan were milling around the auditorium before a performance the other day, when a senior hooked his phone to the sound system and played a new song he had found online.  The beat was pure 1970’s disco – smooth vocals, a funky syncopated guitar riff riding over a tight drum-and-bass groove.
The teenagers, who were born two decades after disco died, started moving to the music.
‘Everyone resonated with it,’ recalled Sora Suzuki, 16. ‘You just kind of get absorbed into it.  It’s got this old feel about it.”
I have not listened to it yet….it is Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”…and it NOW is No. 4 on the Billboard singles chart.
Disco reminds me of the days I came TOTALLY “out” in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) it was 69 when I moved here….
…as it was the rage then at the Gay Clubs…
I will never forget…several years later  one of my dearest younger friends Nabil….
calling me from atop the  outside staircase of “The Factory”…a Gay club….yelling to me…”Robby …it is CHER!!!”  
I had gone out to smoke a fag……I climbed the stairs 3 at a time in my disco shorts  to get back to dance with him….. … 
he is the only one person I know whose  soul, spirit and body just goes into OverDrive…. like mine…when we hear a a good disco tune….
even as water has passed under the bridge…if I hear Cher….Nabil and I will find each other across a desert floor..knock the tents down ..and meet in the middle to tear the floor up…
this we will do this until we pass onto the Great Ballroom in the Sky….
Music is Sooo Binding….in so many ways……as is being Gay
I just saw “Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert”…a disco  musical…..with my oldest friend Jim Reitzel….(my Uncle’s lover)….we both were stunned at how good it is…as it was an Australian  movie made in 1994 – about 2 drag queens and a transexual…which were shocking subjects back then for straights…..but so like the life we Gays have lived…..
Bette Midler produced the Musical on Broadway in 2011 …it was nominated for awards…but primarily won   for costumes…..
I sat on the aisle next to a straight couple…who were probably in their 50’s….he just refused to like it for the first 45 minutes…his wife loved it laughed and clapped…he finally applauded a bit…and then ALL of a sudden it was intermission…and I went out…
 it was like a “Falling Leaves Moment” as I ran into a guy whom I always liked…Kirby (sp?)….he is much younger than me…and he use to work at City Hall but left to pursue a course in Law…and my dear friend Melba …years ago told me he had passed the bar…we were never close…in really knowing each other…but he was one of the few people with whom I felt totally relaxed with…and BACK then he was kind of a mouse…a nice mouse…carried a briefcase that looked like cardboard (sorry K)
I saw him as I arrived at the theatre…but thought oh no…that guy is too young…as Kirby (sp?) surely would be older…and THIS guy looks too confident too muscular…TOO attractive….he came up to me and remembered my name…
he is an artist now…lives in Paris and TOTALLY LOVES it..is here in LA working on a commission for a buyer in San Fran…..to whom he will deliver the art piece by June 14th….. 
the crushing “Falling Leaves” thing is …he gave me his card so I could email him….but when I got home it must have fallen out as  I took my glasses out …… some glacial time ago….(sigh!!)
after the lights flashed for the second time I returned to my seat…and the couple next to me  arrived right after…he was UNBELIEVABLY enthusiastic…talking to me (often straight guys will not talk to gay guys…maybe for fear of being thought of as   gay..or actually being gay)….how he LOVED the show….how he loved the music and was shocked when the First Act ended…as was I….he could not have applauded more…(must have had a cocktail at intermission…a good thing…to let himself free himself)
I feel like a   gay Rosa Parks…(whom I have always revered)… as I have been sitting in the back of the bus way too long….
It is TIME EVERYONE  just gets out and Disco’s!!!

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