September 19, 2013

I guess I have accepted the fact that Change is inevitable…and acknowledge it rather than fighting – trying to grasp onto the Past.

I mean my pictures…

My memories will mean Nothing to anyone else but me…

My love for a song will only mean something to me…(my girlfriend Cherie in the back seat of my grands caddie in the Arb at Carleton College in 1967 as Frank Sinatra’s song “Somewhere in the Night” came on the radio in that fogged up car….)

My memories of scents…will Only be important to me…..

There is a scent that I hold deeply in my memory of Aunt Mary’s cedar lined closets in her wonderful Guest House at Forest Lodge…..and I found a box quite a few years back…that was cedar lined…well opening that small box…takes me back all those years ago… the Downton Abbey life of Forest Lodge ….the dairy…the maids…the 2 vegetable gardens…the Swiss cows with oh so soft ears…of Tony bringing them from the upper pasture to the lower pasture at the end of the day….of us formally dressed at the long silver Meissen/Tiffany ladened dinner table that held 16 people….of the wonderful laughter we had….

which makes me think of the the current article in the New Yorker about the architect of the forthcoming African-American Museum on the Mall in Washington DC….David Adjaye…who seems just totally Brilliant!!!!

He worked closely with the artist Chris Ofili (who will be David’s best man at his wedding in January ’14)….on the installation of his exhibition of paintings at the 2002 show at Victoria MIro…

“Chris wanted to de-commodify painting, to slow the viewer down and make it an experience”

Nicolas Serota, the Tate Gallery’s director went and saw the exhibit and bought the installation

“Before I saw anything, I smelled it. It was like going inside a cigar box…with David’s architecture….you know you’re in a definitely crafted space , and the SPACE is part of the experience.”

I have never had a play station…(use to think it must have something to do with a sandbox)….but there is a new Video game “Grand Theft
Auto V” that just came out this week…that makes me soooo want to go buy it and a Play station ……the review in the NY Times says:

“As video games player have gotten older, … sex and violence have permeated prestige television, …the Grand Theft Auto games have begun to seem like sepia-toned oddities from another age…Among the interactive pastimes Grand Theft Auto offers – alongside pursuits like yoga, sky diving, tennis,scuba, and golf – are bong hits and lap dances. it has a genuinely problematic aspect that is not its enthusiasm for violence or sex but its lack of interest in women ….”

One change I am glad to see is the current Pope Francis…who is VERY very slowly turning the Catholic Church ……he seems to be taking it to where every religion should be…. the ex-Pope Benedict must be screaming in his luxurious nunnery throwing his Prada shoes against the walls….as the Ultra-Conservatives in the Catholic church thought Francis was one of them….

Francis said “some people had assumed he was an ultraconservative because he was made Superior at the crazy young age of 36….but I have never been a right-winger……this church ..we should be thinking…. is the home of ALL …not some small chapel that can hold only a small group of selected people”

Relationships evolve……often as we look back at our naive youth….for the best…..this takes years to realize though

As those we think we know from our small catalog of Life…turn out NOT to be what we expected…

….which devastatingly hurts us…..

it is people under 20…well really any age until you find yourself….that it Hurts the most….as it ages them too fast…

…I just believe in holding onto childhood as long as one can….which to some l extent I still do at the age of 67….and I believe Pope Francis does…..

magic …imagination….the gift of a box of Falling Leaves….

Are what makes Change tolerable…

Laughable when you look back….years later……

4 Responses to “Changes”

  1. susi said

    I can just smell the inside of your cedar box…. Smell seems to trigger such strong memories. Those childhood memories stay and stay on…

  2. Richard Steele said

    There are so many wonderful smells that take you back to childhood, cooking of food in the kitchen returns me to my Grandmother’s house on Sunday morning when I helped set the table, an old box of Odydol reminds me of my other Grandmother washing clothes on the back porch of her rooming house–wonderful memories. Hate all the changes.

    • Rob said

      Ohh Richard…I so identify with THAT!!! As a kid when I was at my Grand’s house in St Paul…a turreted 3 story Victorian with a front screened in porch..buttons in all the rooms and under the dining room carpet to ring for a maid…the call boxes were located in the butler’s pantry and in the maids room on the 3rd floor of the house…and this was back when the maids had a back stairwell to go up and down the back of the house…….what would wake me up ..was when she use to start percolating coffee…and she would squeeze Fresh Orange Juice….. the aroma floated through the house…and when she started to cook bacon..well you were TOTALLY out of bed….

  3. Tom said


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