I am 67 and these are questions to my Family

September 24, 2013

I Cannot Believe I will be 67 already!!!!

What THEY say about getting older…well Time DOES just fly by..

I am taking tomorrow off and going to the beach…just to read on the sand…and watch Life pass by….

I went out with my oldest LA friend ..Jim….tonight for dinner…he is older than Daidie by a year….and has such wit and wisdom…was Uncle Sumner’s last lover….he is the one I travelled with Alaska.to for my cruise….

we talked of times past…the delicious early memories of the “taboo” gay life back in the 70’s …pre-Aids…..

the pool parties where we all were either nude or wore speedo’s ….at Julio Alvarez’s or Malone Hawker…or Avery Van Arthurs…seems everyone had money back then

Uncle Sumner’s parties at his beach house above Malibu on the cliff overlooking the ocean with 100 plus stairs going down to it…..

that Sumner had Jim sweep after a rain…when the sandy/rocky hills would deposit many a pebble and mud…..

Jim said that Sumner had two twin beds in his room at one end of the 3 bedroom house….that had french doors….out onto the green lawn before the clift that plummeted down …

Jim said Sumner ALWAYS had the french doors OPEN…so Jim was ALWAYS freezing…..and Sumner would come over to Jim’s bed to do his business…and then get up and go back to his bed leaving Jim amid a bit of unwanted wetness…..

I remember the first party I attended in 1969…right after I arrived from college …there must have been 80 people….most out on the lawn smoking weed….hair was very long back then…one guy who had an Afro ….had poppers rolled up in his doo….and back then poppers WERE the real thing (amyl nitrate) that gave one a delicious high…and sex was well just UNBELIEVABLE…..the best I EVER have had…..where you got really physical and threw your partner against the wall …..laughed and kept going….

Sumner had a player piano with the old piano rolls that some stoned person was always pumping (this was before electric pianos)…with all the current show tunes….

I love Jim to death…as he has ALWAYS been there for me..(Uncle Sumner told him him 1969…to promise he would ALWAYS look after me…which Jim has)……and I for him…years ago we laughed that we would end up like the old Bette Davis/ Miriam Hopkins movie..”Old Acquaintance” where they fought over boyfriends ONLY at the end of their lives to end up alone…with only each other..in front of a fireplace on New Years…it is a wonderful old movie….

This blog is VERY personal and sent ONLY to family members ….and I just wonder what your feeling is on one issue…..

an aside I am changing my will to have Ell and Ohh (which they have wonderfully agreed to do)…..to be the Executors of my meagre estate….I think I have next to Daidie the least to leave anyone….but the whole family is in it…for at leat a hamburger with fries

but my question is

years ago I enlisted in CALPERS (state of California) Long Term health insurance….I enrolled in the “Premium ” type plan (after seeing what happened to Gabby, Gamp, Daddy, Mother and Uncle Sumner…the money they spent)…..where every year you get a 15% percent increase for health care…it pays the top….and costs me $300 a month…..

well since they were losing money …due to the economy and the baby boomers living longer …several years ago they froze enrollment…..are re-opening it in December ..

…are doubling the “Premim PLAN”…in a year to $600 a month…but with several options….one being you can take basically the same plan without the 15% increase every year…for 10 years at the same rate…but allowed to buy the inflation increase after 3 years…meaning you pay the difference to keep up…..in 3 years….

my question for you …if I should I get to THAT mental stage…

but first I have to honestly tell you that Jim saw the movie “Prisoner’s” today …which I saw Saturday…and all I remember is that I liked Hugh Jackman’s performance and Jake Gylenhall’s (sp?) but I DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT the movie was about….I have to be honest….my memory started changing about 4 years ago…Daidie always said…it was just a part of growing older …

but would you pay for the Premium and pay double or bet that I won’t live until 77…I do work out every day so am more fit than say Jim or most people my age..the basic thing is I DO NOT want to be a burden on ANYONE..or live in some Med-Cal facility where they don’t change your diapers

don’t mean to be “Debbie Downer” but I HAVE to be in control of my life….

Love you all!!!

One Response to “I am 67 and these are questions to my Family”

  1. lauramans said

    Fin and Teo LOVE hamburgers and fries! 😉

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