Rough or Smooth?????

February 2, 2014

This afternoon after seeing the French film at the Sundance theatre….”Stranger By The Lake”…..basically a gay murder porno film…which amazed me that one could see what use to be taboo at an established movie theatre….as Ralph said…well it is EVERYTHING that you would see in a porno film….

the audience was all men…like 40…except one woman…

tho I did NOT look to see if she had an adam’s apple…..

after getting home…it was early and I did not feel like starting on my taxes as I had promised myself I would

I turned on Netflix and watched a coming of age English movie called “Toast”…which was quite wonderful for me in the beginning

…… as it takes you from a very young boy to an adult boy..

Except the mature boy was played by the man (Freddie Highmore) that is now playing the Psycho in the “Bates Motel” TV show my sympathy evaporated …I all of a sudden could not trust him……

I then watched the 95 film..(which seems like yesterday) “A Month By The Lake”…with Vanessa Redgrave and Uma Thurmond….set pre WWII at Lake Como…..

One thing that hit me…

let me preface this by saying I grew up playing tennis…my aunt had a clay court at her summer home “Forest Lodge” ….in Wisconsin…

we had a Har-Tru court at our weekend house in Pennsylvania…..

I knew nothing other than the old wooden racquets….that you had to put into a square wooden press on after playing so the racquet did not warp….

but what brought back a flood of those wooden racquet years was when Edward Fox (Major Wilshaw) asked Vanessa (Miss Bentley)

“Rough or Smooth????”

as back then every racquet had toward the bottom …a lone string that was colored …

that wove itself through the strings …

so on one side it ran “smooth” and on the other “rough” …

rather than tossing a coin to see who got to play first …one flipped their racquet …..

It is wonderful how today….. the volume in movie theatres with their speakers drown out people talking which use to be offensive …. in the ..I guess what you would call “the old days”….way before stadium seating….back in the 70’s

I will never ever forget an old dear friend…the character actress Carol Veazie…..who was born in Canada in 1895….she played Ma Burnside in the classic “Auntie Mame” with Rosalind Russell……I met her through my first lover Paul Millard…..

I was sooo young ..well in my very early 20’s …and did not appreciate her as much as I would now…(sigh!!!!)

Carol was one of those ballsy women I so have adored throughout my life…..(those still alive KNOW whom I talking about…)

she was a Full Figured woman….never would take an airplane ..always took the train when she had to be bi-coastal for a part….

.we would see her off…with her carry on small case …like a very miniature square make up case would be…in which she carried her jewelry (back then you checked your suitcase on trains rather than having to lug them on board)

but Carol and I were at this one movie (don’t know where Paul was)…it was a WWII movie….and there were two Jewish woman behind us…yakking away in Yiddish….well it was like the way texting bothers people today…it really interrupted those trying to enjoy the movie….

Carol turned around and merely told them in her wonderfully Strong and Deep voice to “SHUT UP” in German…….

and MAN did they…….

whether your life turns up “Rough or Smooth”

DO Treasure the leaves that have fallen into your lap during this ever TOO short sojourn………..(sigh!!!)

2 Responses to “Rough or Smooth?????”

  1. Diana Devers said

    I still have my wooden racket from the 70s – just cannot part with it – tennis was the one sport in which I did well – I never knew about the rough/smooth string, so thanks for the education. See you Thursday Robby!

  2. Richard Steele said

    Loved the story, never played tennis but loved the ending. I would most appreciate turning and telling someone to “shut up” or better yet throw their damn cell phones across the width of the theatre. Hugs R&R

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