Frida’s Bed

February 28, 2014

As I was walking back in the rain traffic-swollen Melrose from dinner at LaLa’s…

I chanced to look up at a second floor apartment above a store with a faded sign on the side street of a building that I think use to read “Connie’s Comics”…

it still IS a vintage comic book store but with a different named sign on the Melrose fronted side….

what caught my eye….was this FABULOUSLY seeming apartment with French windows

a chandelier hung near a large oval many paneled mirror…….

it was surrounded with this halo of – what we use to call “Fairey Lights”….or Paul called them “Italian Fairey Lights”….

which were the NEW rage in the 70’s as they replaced the old clunky colored Christmas lights (now popular again)….that our parents had in our younger days….

anyway the mirror was surrounded by these lights…. NOT draped…it was like they were all on individual branches…there was a comforting spaciousness….

as I looked into the mirror there was a reflection of a painting of Frida Kahlo……on the opposite wall

which makes me think of the bastardized quote from her:

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone and I am the BEST person I KNOW”

I SOO wanted to KNOW the occupant of this falling leaves/romantic abode

After I passed that rewarding view …

I was walking past the tattoo parlor..with the redstreak haired tattooist zonked out with her tattedly pierced belly pointing skyward on the black naugahyde operating table….

I wondered if the man or lady in Frida’s romantic apartment …….MADE her/his bed every day……

many years ago I would come back from work to my unmade bed and get depressed ….

it took me several months to realize why..

so for the last 50 years I make my bed whether I want to or not…..

it is just something soo satisfying to come home to …

of course I have become more anal…every object on my desk has to be positioned in a certain way to make me happy…

I have noticed my older sister is the same way….

for me as much as the UK artist Tracey Emin’s “Unmade Bed” is an artform…my bedroom is one to me…

and WHO else SHOULD it matter to…..

My dear friend Jim/Arthur said that his straight boyfriend …NEVER makes his bed…or really cleans up his apartment unless his parents are in town……and this wonderful man is breathing on 40…..

I said to Jim..well I can understand his being happy with it…but HOW does he expect to land a steady girlfriend…..

as I crossed the street in the downpour and heavy winds we are having….

I was wrestling with my umbrella with two hands…

this boy/man got off the bus … I recognized him….he is someone I have seen for the last 8 years…he is an EXTREMELY handsome Latin ….almost gorgeous…

he came racing up and asked if he could share my umbrella as he was going down the street to a friend’s house to work on his resume… his last job had folded…..

he got so comfortably close to me…

the closest we have ever physically been in all these years

I could actually smell his warm sensuous essence

I thought had I been 10 years younger he would have been husband number 6….his English was not that good….but his smile beckoned me across the Sahara…..

as he hugged me and raced up the side street …

I wondered if he made his bed

I sighed and turned up the street to my home with the made bed

3 Responses to “Frida’s Bed”

  1. Richard Steele said

    We make our bed every day, immediately upon getting up. Something my Mother insisted we do as children, never know when Mother is watching. Hugs R&R

  2. Diana Devers said

    Had to make my bed every morning as a child. Now I make it if I want to, but it doesn’t bother me if it is unmade. Use to bother me if it was unmade and I was having company. Now I am of the mindset that my company is visiting me/us (my husband), and they don’t care if my bed is made or not, and if they do and don’t like it – to bad. 🙂

    Robby, as for this 10 years younger CRAP (yes I said it – CRAP), you are a gorgeous, intelligent, and very interesting person. NEVER let age be a factor in your decisions. If I had done that, I never would have married Danny (22 years my senior).

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