as Shaikh tells his boss and eventual friend Mr Fernandes…in the delightful Indian Movie “The Lunchbox”….which I entered the theatre ….not knowing What to expect..

it is like one of those old Hollywood movies that just makes you want to curl up in front of a fireplace on a rainy day and watch…..

it basically is about when you least expect it something comes along to upset your routine and shake some sense into you…to get OUT of the rut you are in and to just go out and LIVE Life !!!

….it is a “Falling Leaves” Movie…..

I did soo love travelling by train back in the day when they had white gloved porters…..and actual white linen table cloths…with real candles lit at each table in the evening….piping hot rolls served in a linen covered silver basket were delivered before you ordered your freshly caught trout or filet mignon…..

my mother’s father was Secretary Treasurer of the Great Northern Railroad that was the only railroad besides the Northern Pacific that crossed the country….

he was given a free pass to take his family where ever he wanted to by JJ Hill the founder….JJ Hill lent him his private car once…..

I hate to say – as my Grands did…that the “Old Days Were Better”….but am afraid I have to, only in the regard to travel whether it be by plane or train…no cell phones or game boys…..just a good book or the scenery to gaze at from the dome cars as we went through the snow covered (back then) mountains in Glacier National Park…….

In this movie Ila and Mr Fernandez are not happy with their life….

Whereas I can only say I have Never been happier with mine…..

Last night I was out with my oldest friend…90 years old Jimmy Terry….whose stories are just spell binding…he HAS lived!!!!

…..well from what most would call poverty where his mom – married twice had to take in laundry to pay the bills as her first husband died on her and the second who was a VERY wealthy man way back then….was a drunkard and a gambler…..and she eventually sent him back to his mother in Texas…and raised her 3 children in Taft California….which back then had the largest oil field in the US…

I said Jimmy…SHE…your Mum must have been Quite a “Looker”…next time we meet I want to see a picture of her

Jimmy talks about Miss Kitty who ran the whore house in Taft – off Main Street – and the girls he knew there….Taft also back then had slot machines in the bars

he started first by delivering papers to help his Mother..was a “roust-about” in the oil fields……eventually was the projectionist in the movie theatre there…. opened and owned the largest record store there……

I visited Taft once with Jimmy and Miss Doris on our way to Yosemite Park….it was one of those unexpected experiences of Life you don’t realize until years later and look back and say….WOW…didn’t we have fun……

I have started taping Jimmy stories as we eat dinner at our favorite restaurant “El Coyote” which has been in business like for 40 years and has NEVER changed…..

I have taped two of our dinner so far…how I wish I had this ability back when my Grands were alive….

Speaking about trains…………….

I’ll never forget getting on the wrong train (Tube)…in London with my dear partner Liz Nesser (Clark Gable’s sister-in-law)…as we were out early (4 AM) to Antique Meets for our shop that was on Sunset Plaza “Elizabeth’s Staircase”

we were trying to return to our hotel laden down like two mules carrying our finds…….

we got on one tube realizing we had to change trains….

when we got to the change spot…Liz said …”Oh Robby…I Know…we go up over that bridge and get on the next train”

and I one not to argue and worn out…lugged our bags up and over……

we got onto the train….only to get out to where we originally started from……

we staggered off THAT train…laughing so hard that Liz wet herself which made me laugh even harder….

we NEVER had bonded so closely!!!!

“Sometimes, the wrong train will get you to the right station”

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