Thank you

April 6, 2014

There is a Wonderful article in today’s NY Times “The Found Art of Thank-You Notes”….something that as a child I could Never escape…as Mother drilled it into me how important it was…..and for that I am appreciative…..

My German grandfather had two spinster sister who lived together…..and man did they look OLD

I am probably their age now…but people back then …sure looked older…

they both had a proboscis like their brother did….very long…and warty

they dressed in sort of a Victorian way with heavy drab long skirts and jackets….usually of a greyish color…..they were not particularly heavy…but definitely Ugly!!!

Grand Aunt Augusta would send me a check from the two of them for my birthday……which was really quite nice…I looked for it every September 25th…..

but when I had not sent a Thank You note within a week after my birthday…she would write my mother to ask if I had Ever received it as they had NOT received a Thank You note…….

I would say to Mother …but Emily Post says one has 30 days to send a Thank You Note…..mother would glare at me and say …WHY put if off…..

the article quotes Liz Quinn from Palm Beach Florida…”Text and email don’t mean anything anymore………….it’s definitely important to to show your gratitude, because not everything is going to be given to you….”

Irene Geldman (20) says: “in the process of opening a note, feeling the paper, seeing the imperfection of the writing, reading the message in another person’s voice, you actually feel like you have a piece of that person in your hand”


Thank you for reading my blog!

2 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Diana Devers said

    I agree that Thank You notes have become a lost art. My mother also drilled it into me, and I have drilled it into my daughter; however, she usually sends them via email (at least she sends them). Robby, you are good at sending Thank You notes and I love your personalized stationary. Aunt Doris was also good at this, and I am using her remaining stationary. Looking forward to seeing you on the 17th. Hugs and Kisses – Diana

  2. Richard Steele said

    Thank you notes are written almost upon the date of the arrival of a gift–that is the information given to be by my husband Robert, and they are done immediately. He writes a thank you note for a thank you note–and so it goes. Glad to see that he is right.

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