May 19, 2014

The longer I live…I wish people had the knowledge that one gains toward the middle or end of their life….and wait to get married when they are in their 30’s or older…

I just motored back from Palm Springs with my dear friend Ralph……. where we attended one of the best weddings I have ever been invited to…..of the wonderful Larry and Ed Sogolow……it was my first Jewish Marriage Ceremony I have attended….and man compared to the oh so serious Christian ceremonies….”Robby just stop squirming and SIT upright”…..it was full of laughter….jokes….and Unbelievable comfortable Happiness……

I was asked to be part of the “Ketubah” …which touched me deeply (Larry knows of my intense curiosity in Judaism)…

Larry called me two hours before the ceremony asking if I could be part…..so I went and told my dear friend Ron…who was napping…that we had to leave earlier than 4:30…..he did not have his hearing aids in and I awoke him….he sat bolt upright saying “You Are playing the Tuba?????”

it is the formal witnessing of the signing of the marriage contract….which is the most important part of the wedding… the ketubah…is witnessed by the oldest and newest member of the Synagogue….who sign their names along with the Rabbi and the two being wed…..

This was held above the area around the pool at Spencer’s where everyone else had gathered for cocktails before the public ceremony under the “huppah”……

well it was 107….down there…and I did feel guilty though terribly honored …as we were up in the banquet room….with a full bar in Air Conditioned heaven…..and those down below could look up and see us through the double paned windows…

the Ketubah is signed at sun down…which in our case was when the sun dipped below the mountain above Spencer’s…..

we Ketubahnites…followed Larry and his Aunt, or was it a cousin…… Ed,..his mother on his arm, the wonderful best man Chris………all proceeded down following Rabbi Sally….there were I think 18 of us…I escorted a cousin of Ed’s…it was her first Jewish and Gay wedding ..she was just beaming with happiness at being included….

once us Ketubahnites were seated in the front two rows…Larry, Ed, Rabbi Sally started the ceremony….several feet above us….

to understand this …picture a swimming pool area underneath a cliff of the mountain…..with all the chairs set up at the North end of the pool…..a waterfall was cascading down the mountain on the East end… cut out of the rocks are steps that lead up to like a resting spot…before you go up to the banquet room….and this is where the huppah was situated…

Then after this ceremony were cocktails and fabulous hors d’oeuvres passed before we all went up to the banquet room…..

the dinner was so Fabulously Spencer’s Best….(except the over generous rack of lamb…well was not cut/separated well..as even with a steak knife it was hard to separate the chops….so I just picked up the rack and ate like the field worker I was once for my father cutting down fields of brush around our Weekend house in Pennsylvania)…..

after the toasts and sighs…the lights dimmed and the DJ did his magic playing what is “OUR” (those people now in their 40’s to 80’s) Gay Muisic…from Streisand to Cher…to disco that so influenced our love affairs in our youth….

we all streamed onto the dance floor and took back our youth….I have never seen so many men dancing together since the old Gay joints in the 80’s…


I always wonder if Life can get any better…and it surprises me as it does……

I was in “Heaven”..

(also a Gay disco …I use to go to …..still Going……… under Charing Cross Railway Station in Central London)

scoozie but I have to go practice my tuba

One Response to ““Heaven””

  1. Richard said

    Wow!!What a wonderful description of the ceremony, we had a great time and it was fun to see the different costumes of the attendees!!! Loved the hat!!!! We had a fab time danced away our hearts and were so honored when they had a dance for all the people who had been married in the past 12 months, couldn’t believe the dance floor filled up with so many couples. Great time with Great Friends. Hugs R&R

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