“Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”…no longer…….(sigh)

July 4, 2014

Early this AM my Fabulous roommates were picked up in a limo…and motored out to the airport to go East and face Hurricane Arthur to attend a wedding I think…..

as I have said before ….you will read their names soon….he is a Great writer and actor and she is a Fabulous actor…song writer and singer…besides dancer etc……they are both such Great People…as they CARE!!!!!!

I am sort of glad that they left now as I have wanted to clean the carpets and wash their drapes and dust ruffles …flip their mattress (which is always a laugh….as I usually get somehow sandwiched under it)……..

and I have a tree trimmer coming tomorrow…as when I look out of my window toward the Hollywood Hills….my view is obstructed by two branches that have grown larger than I ever thought…

there use to be this cute bungalow next door…built back in the 30’s….and the Lesbian with a hitch in her walk and a dear golden collie …. sold it to a developer…who tore it down and built this modern monstrosity…… that blocked out 90% of my view….

I never knew Carol….she was married at one point to a man…but when he traveled she had her girl friends over…..Harleys and all…but when Ken got back….nada…until one night when there was this worst fight….and he packed up his bags and left…..I felt like Barbara WaWa…… peering out of my drapes (which I do not have)….as he got into a Yellow Cab..

..it was shortly after this that she and Lassie left and they tore her sweet bungalow down…I was fortunate that they did set the building back far enough so I can still get a (small) view of the hills…and can see with binoculars the people walking up Runyon Canyon…

I contacted Jose – who I found on Angie’s list…to come over tomorrow to see if he can cut down the two branches that are interfering with my view….I have tried to cut them…but they are over 2 stories up from the ground….and if I was a tad younger could hoist myself up into the tree (with my virtigo) and attempt to chop off the two branches…thinking of the Palm Tree cutters that my friends Larry, Ed, and Ron have in Palm Springs…who climb WAY up and machete off the old fronds and new shoots….

the only thing is that they are NOT on my property…so I hope the tenants are out when he cuts them down….I will tell then to just say “No Habla English”….and try not to be seen poking my Barbara WaWa face out of the window……

I decided tonight to celebrate the Fourth by cooking a steak, bake potato…I have not used my “new” oven since it was installed 5 years ago…..well the steak caught fire and set off the smoke alarms….and were OVER cooked…it would have been so much easier if I had just gone out…..

but as I was eating my over cooked steak and baked potato…munching on my Trader Jo’s micro waved asparagus (the only thing that turned out right)…..I started to watch Alan Bennett’s “History Boys”……and I forgot how excellent it was…as it addressed my growing up at Saint Albans…(well if St Albans had been so idyllic)…..

there is one scene where one of the boys is singing Roger & Hart’s “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”….which caused IMMEDIATE flash backs in my memory as my mother use to play the 78 on our wind up Victrola at our summer house at Burgundy Point…we originally had no electricity as our house was on a private driveway a mile in from the county road…..this would have been in the late 50’s …..

Mom also had a favorite 78… the “Black Bottom”….and she and her girl friend Connie Dillingham..

one of my favorite woman of all time…she lost her husband a flyer in WWII…his body was never discovered…she waited patiently for 20 years believing he would return…….

would get together and shimmy down…hit the floor…explode upward with their arms raised to the sky……as the music rocked the cabin……

I did play hooky toward the end of the day and went and saw two of my favorite actors…Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo in the comfortable film “Begin Again”….which did not end the way this romantic wanted it to…..

but after this film and hearing this young boy singing “Bewitched, Bothered…..” I thought of an incident I had this week….

I always go to the gym at the same time….9:25 AM…and I think I wrote many blogs ago…of how…months ago ….. it was raining and the wind was awful….and this guy I have seen many a time in the last 10 years…(he use to work for Koo Koo Roos where I ate lunch and then for Aaron Brothers Framing …just down the block from City Hall)

…came out of nowhere and asked if he could share my umbrella as he was submitting a resume to someone on Croft Avenue

…I had never been so physically close to him……………well it stirred up old feelings of lust and love…..

anyway…I walked down to the gym Wednesday…and was going to the bank…where I ran into him….and it is the first time he has really made an effort to engage me….he had been talking to this woman….he hugged me and thanked me for sharing my umbrella that rainy day..months ago….said he had been going through a rough patch…due to drugs…and holding EVERYTHING in…..but after finding AA.(or whatever the drug thing is)..he is SOO Happy….

and I cannot tell you ….his Happiness was Genuine……it was contagious…..I was so Happy for him….

he is extremely Handsome….(no Rita/Arthur…I am not going there)…but it was flattering and did fire up the old coals in my loins…..

I sat back this evening ….realizing….my “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” days are gone….

I am just Sooo Happy with my OWN life….

Thankful for the memories that drift back……

.and should a handsome, dark, mysterious man cross my path….well as my dear older sister said….”I would certainly NOT kick him out of MY bed”


4 Responses to ““Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”…no longer…….(sigh)”

  1. Diana Devers said

    As always Robby, thanks for sharing. Much love, Diana

  2. xRob:

    I so love to live as a webcam of how you breathe.
    This writing was so poignant with multiple perspectives, the observations arc from the ordinary to the profound, associations and how time is supple and the need for touch and sex is dialed up with proximity and is so beautifully primal and human.

    LOVE + fireworks never succumb to lost memory and when triggered explode.

    I love you,
    x Catherine

  3. susi said

    As you often express it–sigh!

  4. Jim McConaughy said

    Hi Rob, I have been reading your St. Albans comments, among others, and can see why being back together with guys you knew 50+ years ago, might not be your cup of tea, or first choice in how to spend a weekend and two days on a plane. However, I would like to mention that this reunion was a wonderful event that built on the new as well as the best of the old, and that your presence, insights, and comments would have fit right in to our gathering, which was honest, candid, full of surprises, deep, fun and very accepting, in spite of our obvious political differences which run the gamut. In the end, this is our collective history, constantly getting rewritten and reinterpreted as we learn more about what really happened and how it affected us. The weekend could only have been better by your being there. Jim

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