Taking Life For Granted

August 24, 2014

This weekend was one of introspection …

Realizing how wonderful Life is……how lucky I have been….which I am Very Grateful for…..

I was at Starbucks for lunch earlier this week….

a guy with no right arm…only a stub…

and then his left arm gone beyond the elbow….he had a claw….

an attractive young guy like in his late twenties…..well I did not want him to know I was looking at him….but could not help to marvel at his success in manipulating his claw…from picking up his latte…..to opening a plastic wrapper Energy bar……

I just felt …the tragedy that caused his loosing his limbs….it just hurt intensely…..

I saw a movie that I loved on Friday “Love Is Strange”…with John Lithgow and Alfred Molina…

it was liked by the NY Times and the LA Times…but listening to NPR on the way to the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Saturday..

they thought for a Gay film about two men who had known each other and finally married after 30 some years thanks to the laws changing

….they felt it was not physically emotional enough…I guess they wanted to see these old farts having sex or constantly lip locked….

all I could think of was WHO in a 30 years plus relationship has THAT kind of expression???!

It was a very touching movie that made me appreciate old friends more…..as we share something that no one else has gone through….and you never know when you or they will depart…..

Friday I had dinner with my 91 (almost) friend Jim Terry…who is in perfect health…it is a joy to be with him….

Thursday I went with my oldest friend Jim Reitzel…he was my uncle’s last lover…..

to the Neil LaButte’s play “Reasons To Be Pretty”….which we both disliked…as Neil seems to love to use at every moment “Fuck, Shit, Cunt, Whore”…etc….

I mean no one I know has ever spoken that way in my life….

though I must admit I was not exposed to language like that until I worked on the Bones Brothers Ranch in Birney Wyoming….when I was a Junior in high school……(yes (I lived a sheltered life)

my father’s strongest swear word was “Jesus!!!”….and Mom’s was “Gosh Darn It”……

at the Bones Bros Ranch though….the guys thought I was TOO NICE….

came in the middle of the night….put a cut feather pillow over my head and dragged me out into the fields and stripped me nude in front of their girl friends…….

but I must say as I was crying in the wet field…

one girl came back and gave me my clothes back….and apologized…..

I never saw her as it was pitch black out….but was so thankful….and touched by her kindness

Needless to say…after that night I started to swear like a sailor…..

I realize most of us take life for granted….

until one day you are facing an attractive guy functioning with only part of a limb

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