To Be So Happy

December 21, 2014

The Best things in Life are momentary….

they flicker into your Life if you believe like Peter Pan did in Tinkerbell….

alight for what seems a nano-second….

make you laugh and value your self more… before moving on to make someone else ….throw back their head and laugh….with a warm smile lingering on their lips…..

I had dinner last night with some of my dearest friends….we were talking about my unbelievably talented roommate….moving on to be one of the stars in the second season of “The Mysteries of Laura” starring Debra Messing….it is filmed in NYC..

she (my roommate)…. is so beautiful..internally as well as externally….was born a Star…..

Nabil said…”Robby…you must know that to be as Happy as you are….there are moments when you have to be unhappy…in order to fully appreciate what you have…….”

Robert Redford in the current New York mag in talking about the Extremely talented Director Mike Nichols who recently died….said that Mike said to him:

“There’s something you have inside you that’s Yours Alone … be with that and take it onstage.”

and Natalie Portman in talking about Mike said:

“When he would see something that he loved, he would say:

‘Its like Life.’

I think he meant that it had this combination of darkness and joy and strangeness. I think people as intelligent as him are often blighted with sadness, but he really was so content…..I don’t know anyone else…who was so happy.”

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