Anything is Possible…Just Put Your Mind to It!!!!

February 8, 2015

Today was another (waterless) Fabulous Southern California day….in the 70’s…blue sky – no clouds…..

I meandered down to the Idiot..which again at 11:10 was TOTALLY packed…………..and was greeted by one of the owners (Dean) whom I have not talked to in years…as he usually works I guess the weekly lunch shift….he called across the room …”Robaire…so Good to see you”

he and I think it is 2 other guys opened the Idiot in 2007….

he is an Aussie….got married right after they opened ..

now has 2 kids…a son 4 years old…and a daughter of a year and a half…..he eagerly showed me their gorgeous pictures…..they are both toe heads….he said the son is so amazingly like him…………….with habits that only he has….that were not taught….like a couple of nights ago….they were all at Gracias Madre for dinner ….his son got some spicy potatoes….and immediately said after tasting them…they are TOO Hot…whereupon he dumped the potatoes in his butter dish and with his napkin wiped all traces of the potatoes clean off the plate….Dean said this is something he did as a child…………..

I read a Really Wonderful article in this weeks New Yorker by Alice Gregory…”R U There?”

it talks about how Stephanie Shih and Nancy Lublin set up in 2013 the “Crisis Text Line”…..

Stephanie had worked for “”….a non profit that helps young people set up volunteer programs…..

she received one day a text that said:

“He Won’t stop raping me”…..”He told me not to tell anyone”

a few hours later “R U There?”

Shih texted back….asking who was doing this…..

the next day came back the reply that it was her father……

the article goes on to say that “Depression is common among teens, and its consequences are volatile: suicide is the third leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 10 and 24”

For teens, texting … the default way of communicating….as you can’t identify your skin color…your age, gender, your sexual preference….. anything that one’s voice can give away…

you avoid all the pleasantries one feels obligated to … in talking…..

you can get to the POINT….and end the conversation by merely texting:


I so wish this whole thing had been available when I was in my teens….as there were many a day I would come home from being bullied at St Albans…..

would sit alone in our Living Room at 5020…..saying to myself:

“Can’t I just DIE???”

as being kicked in the balls every day (for what seemed like years) by Eddie Stowe and his goons….

they came looking for me at recess (I was the punniest in the whole school) ….I could not escape…..

they and Hank Murray stuffing me into a trash can and rolling me down the back stairs at STA…..were nightmares I endured for what seems like Forever

it took me years to move past these haunting experiences….

at the end of the day though….the memories still lurk in the far shadows of my mind…..

I truly take my hat off to these women….who founded Crisis Text Line….they made the text number easy…if you look at your smart phone…you just rub your thumb up it on the far left side twice…it is 741741

I am SOO Aware of how important childhood is as

birth to really 29 are the “Formative Years”

….it influences you…and stays with you for the rest of your life ….

I am so thankful that mine was filled with a Belief in Mystery and Magic

as a child a book that was read to me with which I identified was Hans Christan Andersen’ “Ugly Duckling”

I remember running down Loughboro Road…above our house in DC

…flapping my arms as a youngster..believing I would take off like SuperMan….it of course did not physically happen…but in my mind it DID….and I went soaring …and was able to look down and marvel at Me..on the sidewalk….

Anything is Possible

Just Put Your Mind to IT!!!!

One Response to “Anything is Possible…Just Put Your Mind to It!!!!”

  1. Richard said

    Great once again. Now “I just have to put my mind to it”–finish my taxes that is–what a horrible thought. Wonderful weather in PS. R&R

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