Those Who Love Each Other

March 30, 2015

This weeks issue of “New York”…”After Midnight”….is just so wonderful as it brought back so many memories I had in that city from when I first went alone to NYC at winter break from college in 1969

to see the “Boys In The Band” written by a guy who later was to patronize my shop “Elizabeth’s Staircase”…..

the wonderfully humorous Mart Crowley….who little did I know lived in the Villa d’Este in Weho…

across from my uncle’s building…at 1342 N Laurel ….

I had stopped in NYC (Manhattan)…to see nudity in “Oh Calcutta”…a very disturbing musical for prudes and Republicans…..which I left with a smile on my face….

I will NEVER forget one evening at home..

..the family was at our dining table….

..our Scandinavian maid was serving us…and Mom at one end of the table…asked “Robby what did you do in New York”……

I said I saw some plays that would bore you…..but in all truth were the MOST exciting plays I had ever seen…I was not use to viewing nudity or Gay People….

(I learned later that Mom knew I was Gay Before I did…and when I told her years later …..after we were drying off on the dock after a swim to  Champagne Island….she said I “Feel So Chic…having a Gay son”)

This weekend I spent in Palm Springs – Mom would have Totally Loved…

It was the Wedding of two guys whom have known each other for 20 some odd years…and they are YOUNG…like 40’s….(compared to most of us)

it was one of these soft…warm…Memorable weekends…

They had a party to introduce their “Boozy Bunch” friends in PS to the 40 or more family members on Friday eve…

then Saturday…were married in the MOST moving ceremony that I have EVER attended… was set up in front of one of the lakes at Encena Country Club….

I think that it being 98 degrees made one appreciate it more…..Chris’s brother Geoff read a poem …breaking into tears…saying that their family was known to be emotional…

.and then when Chris read his story about his life with Tim for the last 20 some years..

..he broke up his brother…..creating such a loss of composure in all of us..

There was NOT a dry eye in the 100+ group of us…..

That night they threw the reception to end all…

at the Henry Mancini Estate… once Again…was a Knock out party…the grounds are Spectacular….the food was Wonderul….

what I liked was it was NOT the traditional sit down dinners…which most weddings are..where you are locked in your chair and HAVE to listen to Old Aunt Tillie,..waxing politely after her gimlets….about her nephew

this was so free…you could stay – leave – ask the server how many brothers he had…and what his father did in Eucador…..

I mean I was in HEAVEN….

and THEN they played OUR music…the disco songs that most of us older Gay people grew up on..back when GAY was NOT at All accepted….and we had to go in the back doors of bars and restaurants to meet….

I LOVE and LIVE to dance…it is something one is born with…..and when one hears one’s music…one drops their nearly 70 years of age…and drags out the nearest friend onto the dance floor….

Tim’s mother is a Fabulous dancer …what joy she and her sister exude….it was so special being in their company…..

I never knew how well my wonderful friend Ron or Jeff Slater loved to dance….

Nor did I …of Robert’s love to dance….

he had the fervor with his wife…(years before he knew he was Gay or had met the Fabulous Richard)

Ballroom style…

that I was taught from Grade 4-12

in college one came back to attend the debutante parties

by Mrs Shippens….never forget the first years…when portly her..

wearing an awful cerise ….flowing floor length gown

…in the ballroom of a house in Georgetown…would tell us boys ..that if we did NOT shine our shoes…she would MAKE us the next weekend…do it… the middle of the floor ….

in FRONT of ALL the girls and boys (GASP!)…

well my shoes were never shinier after that…

but NEVER did I know that always Elegantly attired …seemingly remote….. Robert was SUCH a wonderful man….

I have always loved his Husband Richard who is the ONLY person to BE so Supportive of ALL my boring Forest Lodge Blogs….

MAN can Robert dance…..

and then when Troy dragged me out to dance with John on the dance floor….

I then TOTALLY knew…

when I retire …

I will move to Wonderful Palm Springs…which will be in a year…….as Tim and Chris’s Wedding….

drove home ….how Wonderful Family and Friends ARE!!!!

and in the NY mag…there is a picture of Edith Piaf singing Oct 28th, 1949 at the Versailles….

that evening….she learned her lover Marcel Cerdan had died in a plane crash…

she sang “”Hymne a l’Amour”…and collapsed before reaching the final line:

“God reunites those who love each other”

One Response to “Those Who Love Each Other”

  1. Richard said

    Wow!!! What a beautiful description of the wonderful weekend in PS. This was truly an “Event” celebrating the LOVE of two wonderful guys-Chris and Tim. Everything was perfect, the pre party, the ceremony to end all wedding ceremonies–many tears shed at the reading of the vows, the fabulous reception at the Mancini house and then the wrap up party. They should live to be healthy and happy for the next 75 years together. Love them. R&R

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