Positive Thought

April 25, 2015

If you have never lain (?) layed (?) laid (ah yes you look familiar)…… on the floor of your Living Room…

do so right now…..

if you are over 60 you might need a partner to get you up off the floor….

you will be AMAZED at what a different perspective it gives you…the way the light comes in and flows across the room….the angles of the ceiling……it TRULY is worth doing!!!!

My hernia popped out on my way back from LaLa’s…and my doc said if it ever hurts lie down and pop it back in….which I didn’t want to do in the middle of Melrose…as “they” would have called 911….and the reason my hernia would NOT pop back in was probably due to the Energizing steroids I am taking because my nose doc told me to…as I lost 100% of my smell….over a month ago….

when I came back from work and was NOT assaulted by the scent of my marine brewing his Paleo crockpot full of beef bones (Farm Free Wandering Grazing) …..he usually simmered for 76 hours in his HUGE crock pot….lord it took over most of the kitchen counter and I had to retire the toaster to a cupboard…..

but when I got to the kitchen and noticed the crockpot on …I though that is sort of strange…..then went up to my room…and realized I could not smell the bleach my Wonderful Housekeeper Always pours down the sinks and the toilet…..

I realized…I HAD lost my sense of smell 100%

well this steroid thing…I don’t quite know…the only thing I can say after I took the first batch – ate breakfast – went up to shave –
(no shower when I am alone – to save water)

…and then came back down to the kitchen I was hit by that wonderful smell toast makes…and I though OH GREAT…it is working….and then when I went to the farmers market out by the beach…. I could smell the food truck that is parked there……

but I don’t know…as my smeller is not doing too well tonight….though I am sniffing Everything like a dog in heat……….

I don’t know if my Italian model and her boyfriend will take the spare room….we have been texting back and forth all day….due to the fact this Mexican (I gather HOT..) Pop singer is interested in it also – as she is coming out from Mexico City…..here is her:

My name is Ana Carla Sinclair and I am an American / Spanish Actress and Singer that finalized in The Voice Mexico and just finished my first feature film.. Ill be arriving in LA May 7 and staying for Workshops and album recording that has already been scheduled for the whole summer.. I have sponsors for my artistic career as rent wont be an issue . I am 29 and very focused on my art. Please let me know if its possible to look at the apartment on arrival as I will be staying in a hotel until I find the perfect place … It would be great if it was here … Email me at ….. and If you want to check me online Ana Carla Sinclair on all media 🙂 The best and hope to meet soon!

Well she sure sounds FABULOUS…..and looks SOO sexy…so Google her…….

Remy said that she was having a tiff with her boyfriend about it…as he does not want to commute an hour plus…. back and forth to work……and would give me an answer by 9 tonight…..

I apologized as the last thing I wanted to do was to create a riff between them…as she had said earlier that SHE Would take the room…..I texted back..Don’t do anything in the heat of the moment…………..

and then emailed Ana – saying I would get back to her at 9 tonight…and this is her email back….

Don’t worry Rob do your thing . I am interested but don’t mind if you have to sort things out … I don’t arrive for one more week so it’s all good and fair !!! I’m used to traffic Mexico City is horrible ! 35 million people pretty crazy !!!

The most touching thing this week is that my dear friend and former roommate’s brother KC is OUT of the WOODs….he had a brain aneurysm while performing on stage several months ago….and was in intensive care for over a week….and then hospitalized…and was told he would never regain his speech totally…..so they got another opinion….

and here is part of the moving email Meg sent me a couple of days ago:

We’ve been so happy around here the past 2 days– KC had his brain surgery on Wednesday (not sure how much Zach has kept you updated but it was an urgent last minute decision) and it was successful!! I will never ever forget the moment I reminded KC the doctor told him he was “cured” (he had been too zonked out right after surgery to remember) and his lip started to quiver….then the tears came flooding out and he reached for us and was overcome with emotion and relief. He was suddenly talking and crying and shaking– saying he didn’t realize how much he had been holding in– not knowing if at any moment his aneurism might burst again and be fatal…. It had me floored and so amazed at life and filled with so much love and gratitude….the best day of my life.

Before all this happened, we had been told it would be 2 to 4 years of radiation and that he would still have a 20% chance of a re- bleed. My parents sought out a second opinion at Columbia where they found that in addition to theAVM, there it was an arterial aneurism that was bulged and could burst again. Surgery was scheduled for 5 days later.

Before his second opinion, knowing it would be a long road before KC knew if and how much he would recover, I got a few of his friends together and we met at my apartment in Williamsburg and sang a song called Brother. We wanted to communicate through music that we are here for him.

If you’re interested, here’s the link:

It was so incredible that all of these people– about 25 in all were willing to give their talents — most of them for free– to help me and KCs friends communicate our support and love using KCs language of music.

I cannot Tell you how moved I was…..as I have been praying for him ever since I heard about his accident……

Her utube video just dissolves me into tears every time I see it….

Her wonderful boyfriend – Zach Bandler – is the one behind the black guy in the front….he is a FABULOUS writer whom you will be hearing about shortly as he has many things about to burst…..and he is a wonderful actor and singer…and one of the nicest men I have been blessed to meet…..( and you know what I think about the Gorgeous Meg)

anyway…Life just keeps getting better…..and better just when you think it can’t ……….

It is amazing What the energy from close friends/family WILL  do….

and in this repect also I have to single out one woman…Michelle Bell to whom I am indebted….

At the End of the Day….it is ALL …….due to

Positive Thought

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