Dancing On Lake Superior Under The Full Moon

August 23, 2015

Tonight is the First night in my new house…in Palm Springs….it is sooo Wonderful……am camping out as I have no furniture…only a few remnants I saved from the previous owner’s 1980 stuff …until mine comes down

…am typing on a night stand…looking out as the light fades off the tops of the South Western mountains …gazing across the pond that I spotted an Egret (?) a very thin White bird with long legs in earlier…..

It is Very Peaceful…..I am dying to see what the night skies are like….and how many lights go on the houses on the far side of the golf course….

I had planned to join my wonderful friends in the Boozey Bunch tonight for cocktails…but my contractor was late…and then my cabinet maker had to come late……so I dined alone at a restaurant I had read about….where the 3 course prix fix meal was 19.95….

This reminds me of my barber today….well I was going to go to my $40.00 barber yesterday in LA but he was 15 minutes late…so I said screw him..as I had to get back to work…..
So as a lark I googled “Best Barber” in Palm Springs and up popped “Denny’s Barbershop”….and gosh if it isn’t one of those old fashion barber shops with 5 chairs….barbers bantering back and forth…(made me think of my friend Michelle’s barber shop with dear Eddie)…….

80’s music playing….along with multiple TV’s….it has been in business since I gather the late 60’s….and is open 7 days a week…..

Brian gave me the haircut…he is from San Fran 16 years ago… I guess is gay….is awfully nice…at one point he wrapped my face in a hot towel…which was very soothing….then gave me a back message with some machine…I wasn’t too crazy about that…

maybe because I have only had one massage in my life that was a gift from Melba..a dear friend at work…which I did enjoy…but felt so relaxed that I felt stoned….couldn’t physically move…just stare out the window…not giving a care…
When he finished…which seemed like too long for me..as it is hard for me to sit still…I asked how much…he said well the usual price…$15.00….. I was TOTALLY floored….don’t think I have had a 15 dollar haircut since the 60’s…..
It was Quite Wonderful……

Lord I just realized the housekeeper who lived here after the old lady who owned the joint passed onto her reward…took ALL the light bulbs out of the lamps that the Trustee of her estate had left with all the other Barker Bros 80’s Naughahyde (sp?) furniture….that I Immeditately donated to charity…

For some reason it touched my heart…that the money that I paid for this house…was donated to one of Carol Rainwater’s Charity’s in Oregon…..hopefully the firefighters……

The contractor that my friends Gil and John recommended…did just a bang up job ()….he totally knocked out all the old cottage cheese ceiling that was thoughout the house…he moved countless plugs and cables to different walls…(and of course I changed my mind several times)…having to rip open the walls and then redo them…had to move a wall…had to move the gas shut off valve for the fire…and to flip a sliding glass door that I did not like the way it opened…had to install ceiling fans in all the bedrooms…tear out the wall paper…and then repaint the whole interior (ceilings and walls and doors –molding – and everything) of the house in my colors…and my LR ceilings are 2 story…..tear out the old 80’s white brick mantle, facing and hearth of the fireplace….as I ordered granite facing from Alabama…and a custom made pine mantle…the facing will be here Monday…the mantle later…..

He did ALL of this in less than a month…(and to think the First time I laid on eyes on this wonderful place (due to my wonderful Realtor Ron Hughes) was June 13th…a little over 2 months ago…when Ralph and I motored down to the Truly Wonderful party that our friends “The Royals” threw….

he even set up a bed in the MB for me as he knew I was coming down….with side tables and lamps with no bulbs…..which of course he did not know about

I just KNEW!!! when I first met him…

he has one of those old FIRM handshakes you do not find anymore…he has two children…a girl like 14..who is studying the French Horn…I don’t know for some reason someone loving the French Horn in this financially challenging day and age seemed romantically absurd…but I am a firm Believer in Go For Your Dreams…I Have and they all have come true…well not being the ballet dancer I wanted to…as back then MEN did not do ballet….according to my Father…who also said Art was a waste of time….my mother majored at Vassar in Art….

Gosh it is getting dark in this bulbless house…think I better get out my flashlight and hold it in my mouth….

Manuel…also has that Intensity in his eyes….that just grips your heart….and he has a slight eye tic…that makes you realize he is mortal….far from perfect like all of us….

I had read an article in The Guardian yesterday….by Stephen Moss…basically saying us Baby Boomers – unbeknownst (sp?) to us REALLY – in hindsight – had it good….born right after the War (WWII)…we were not saddled with student loans…in my case I was so so lucky…father paid for us 5 children through college and said he would pay for Graduate School..which none of us went to…it was before credit cards…he never had a mortgage or a car payment as back then you could only buy things you had the cash for….(yes it was “white privilege”…something I have only recently been SOO aware of)

Back then companies took care of their employees as they were part of their family…with pensions…and I don’t know if health insurance was in existence then…..

In 1971 I bought my first house that only cost $40,000 – something that seemed TERRIBLY expensive to me…it was a 3 story brick house with 2 fireplaces ..on two lots…which had a man made pool with no filter…that had been originally owned by the actress Madeline Carrol (sp?) ..that was in the Hollywood hills and looked down on Sunset Blvd at what was then Schwab’s Drug store/ Coffee shop where the actress Lana Turner was “discovered” by MGM (?)…

I knew her daughter Cheryl Crane..who supposedly murdered Lana’s boyfriend the gangster Johnny Stepando….

Cheryl was gay and was a friend of my first lover Paul….she and her girlfriend back in the 70’s and 80’s use to attend many parties that I and Paul threw on Norma Place in West Hollywood

Manuel said he did not have the life I had…as he was born in the 80’s….and was sort of in amazement at how different it was for the two of us…as today kids have the terrible school loans they take after they graduate…not knowing if they really majored in the right field….not knowing what the job market will produce for them….

And companies are all cut throat now…not giving an F about anything else but the almighty dollar…to show their shareholders…Manuel was saying how employees of Home Depot are not allowed to work a 40 hour week…so HD does not have to pay benefits……….

I told him as a young kid we would go out hiking in Wyoming and be able to drink out of the streams…as we were later on my Father’s canoe trips…out of the rivers and lakes…whereas now you have to carry your plastic – usually non-biodegradable – water bottles…..

Oh the housekeeper did NOT think about the lights in the ugly bathroom fixtures…I can now take the flashlight out of my mouth…..and Gosh it is SOOO dark here…only one light on in the house across the pond…..

Manuel said well one can always look at that proverbial glass half filled or not…..

the weather..the bills …..and all the challenges will always be THERE…

…it is up to one to accept that…but Laugh at Life and just keep giving to others …..
As one dances on with their partner on the shore of Lake Superior under the Full Moon……………..

7 Responses to “Dancing On Lake Superior Under The Full Moon”

  1. xxRob:

    “…it is up to one to accept that…but Laugh at Life and just keep giving to others …..
    As one dances on with their partner on the shore of Lake Superior under the Full Moon……………..” Rob Matteson

    Please tell me your TOP favorite colors!
    I must create a YAAAY! GET YOUR DANCE OUT! for you!

    I will always be YOUR dance partner.

    Remember dancing to IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFEunder a full moon in your Mom’s patio as she “watched” thrilled from the heavens!

    Kick those heels UP!
    Kick that spirit UP!

    I love you Rob and for YOU to dive into a NEW river!


  2. adelaidedonnelley said

    Well as I was the actual partner on Lake superior – I feel compelled to try to leave an actual post – which so far has eluded me – so here goes – and Here’s to YOU Robby and your incredible-sounding new home. I can just feel the air and smell the desert breezes – and you have this for the rest of your life!!!! What a feeling it must be. Love you so much xx D

  3. adelaidedonnelley said

    wow – I don’t know what happened – I just hit “submit” and there it was – the first time that has happened – the stars are with us! xx

  4. Richard said

    Luv it and Welcome to Palm Springs–The night skies are quite lovely and you will really love them, so very dark and the sparkly stars–magical. Welcome dear friend and we wish you many years of good health and happiness in your new home. R&R

  5. susi said

    Wow, sounds like you are much closer to nature out there, so you must feel at home, having been raised partly at Blur Ridge Summit and Cable… Congratulations, Rob, on your new home!!! love,

  6. susi said

    oops BLUE Ridge, not “Blur!” 😉

  7. Yes, chiming in once more today! Congratulations on your wonder-full new home! I am already imagining the soothing colors at twilight across the golf course and the sweet scent of cut grass mixed with the cooling air off the pond. Yes, much like sitting out on the deck at BRS and watching swallows dart down over the spring-fed pond, the rainbow trout rippling the surface.
    Love you, always,

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