I Have Come Home

August 23, 2015

Same scene…Day 2

I met with my cabinet man and my contractor today…to pay them…but also to agree on several different things…

Manuel asked if I what I was going to do with the garden…and I told him desert landscaping… which launched into his telling me about this Fabulous Rock Sculptor..out in Desert Hot Springs….a city I had not been to ….

driving out there was fascinating….as it is surrounded by the whitest whitest desert…with the volcanic mountains rising up to the heavens….

this sculptor’s area is off the beaten track…has German shepherd guard dogs….but Man What he does with Rocks is totally amazing….things from prehistoric…to alien formations …of every size….he sculpts out of rocks

Manuel also showed me pictures on his cell phone… his passion…rebuilding cars…for racing…..he won 2nd prize in April I think…..he is a fascinating man with a Gift for Life…..that I admire….

One of the blinds my blind man installed yesterday in the living room…came off its track…and started to bend unhealthily….I thought Oh Oh…better get a ladder…so I went to Home Depot and bought the Tallest ladder I could carry…which is 10 feet….(which thank God JUST fit in my new Subaru with all the seats down…came up above the gear shift…I DO love the wagon)

And the rest of the day was spent in pruning…mowing with a new electric weed whacker…man what they make today is amazing…everything comes with lithium rechargeable batteries…no extension cord trailing behind you…that you might slice and electrocute yourself….

It was 107 …but I don’t know why the heat did NOT bother me at all….as I looked across the fairway toward the pond…I noticed two Mallards swimming peacefully…and wondered WHY??? shouldn’t you guys be in Minnesota or Canada where it is supposed to be cooler….

Tonight I decided to try another restaurant in my hood…and my Gosh I found IT!!!

It will be my main stay…my replacement for LaLa’s…but Oh so much better…

as most of you know I and Michelle are two of the only people I know who love to dine alone and meet people….
This joint is Italian…food OK…but the PEOPLE are just so F-ing Fabulous!!!

…the live duo perfroming….. whom I later found out have been married 4 years…Sylvia (think that was her name)…sings…her husband plays every instrument you can imagine from the trombone, electric guitar to the key board….

Let me preface this when I first arrived…I looked around and thought Wow what an old crowd…until I took a reality check and said to myself…they are your peers…just look in the mirror…I sighed and imagined what they looked like when we were all in our 20’s which made sense…as none of them has had any facial work….

Sylvia sang that old song “Tammy” that Debby Reynolds sang in 1975…

And once again let me preface this..
Earlier today I read an email my dear bro Ricki sent..regarding his work trying to raise money for a kickstarter campaign…(www.kicksyststarter.com/projects/lionheartpr/making-a-comeback-stories-that-save-lives) he has been involved with working Internationally helping people who are suicidal….

He has worked with over 16,000 thousand people in the last 25 years….

I really take my hat off to him as he is SOO Devoted to people that are confused…who think there is no point in going on….there is no rainbow at the end of their journey…

Anyway when Sylvia sang “Tammy”…it brought back a flood of memories…of Family…of Life…from the Past and for the Future…..and I found myself tearing up….

Sylvia winked at me when she finished..as I was entranced….she came over and chatted and introduced me to a single woman at the bar…whom everyone calls “Ro”….well Ro
(Rosemary Polito… “Polite with an O rather than an E”)
came over and shook my hand in welcome…

turns out she lives just around the corner from me in the same Country Club…has for 14 years….her husband a realtor died 5 years ago…her son lives in Ojai and is the TOP realtor up there…I asked her if he knew Eric Goode…with the Tortoise Sanctuary …

she said “Oh Honey..he knows EVERYONE”

she is quite a character….she used to be a decorator in LA…14 years ago…and said she had a lot of gay friends…which to me.. the term… is sorta outdated…but then I found out she is 85…she looks 65 … “No Work Honey”

she said two wonderful gay guys live just across the street from her…and that their group has cocktails every Wednesday…and she would be sure to invite me

after Sylvia sang “Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered”…she said “I just want to recognize Rob..who is moving down here from LA”…

well I was embarrassed as Hell…but loved it…..

I HAVE …. Come Home!!!!

4 Responses to “I Have Come Home”

  1. thskinner said

    Congratulations, Rob, for taking on these big changes in your life, and am so glad it’s working out well. I’ll raise a glass of wine in a toast to you tonight that life will just continue to get better!

  2. xxRob!

    I am so EXCITED for this lush dazzling NEW heart life for YOU!
    Elizabeth Armstrong is the Executive Director of the Palm Springs Art Museum: http://www.psmuseum.org/

    YOU are HOME!


    I must visit YOU!

    I love you soulbro!


  3. Richard said

    Welcome again to the desert, where did you eat?? Just curious as there are so many wonderful spots near you. Give us a call and we shall go out for a light supper. Good article again, I once knew a Rosemary Polito from WI, strange and I worked with her in a consignment shop she owned–husband had been a doctor. Hugs R&R

  4. Hi Dear Rob,

    What a nice surprise to read your warm salute to my work with suicidal persons over these many years! I will forward your blog to Allanah as well. She is very proud of the film series she is creating to help get the word out about innovative ways to help people who are feeling “lost and trapped” who have come to seriously believe that there is “no rainbow at the end of their journey.” My experience and work with the 16,000 suicidal people over 25 years and my international trainings have taught me otherwise! Thanks for listing the link to Allanah’s $10k Kickstarter for her “Making A Comeback” web series. These are stories that can literally save lives. For those of your readers who might be interested in more information about my work, they can visit my website: http://www.SuicideTherapy.com
    Finally, yes, what WERE those two Mallards near your new home thinking? They know better than to be in 107 degree heat when they could be swimming right now in the cool water of Lake Namekagon!
    Thanks again for all you do and for all you are always becoming! So yes, this is a public declaration of love from one brother to another fabulous brother!

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