Sometimes Simplicity Works Better

September 7, 2015

Today as I was waiting for my flooring guys…(am still amazed that these teeny boppers have such talent)

I was out on my East patio facing the golf course…I heard that familiar sound of Geese honking and 14 of them landed on the pond…I always wonder…who says “Lets Land here Everyone”….they spent the day swimming, lying in the tall grasses near the pond, and grazing….

the Mallards that seem to Always be there…..seemed very comfortable with them….

the Justin Biebers arrived and hit the floors….they smile now at me…well the Mexican does…Justin is Much MORE reserved….he asked me go to Home Depot for the wax gaskets and bolts for the toilets…and “cheddar” caulking for the wood when it transitions from one direction to the other…

I must say that at this Home Depot there are guys around who jump in to help you…not like LA…where they All seem to be on break all day….

well I spent the day watching the US Open and researching what Medicare Healthplan I would join…and thanks to Dear Richard and Robert…decided on United Healthcare….which my Calpers that organizes it all for us State/Municipal retirees…

has a new plan that includes dental, vision, and is a PPO….but Lord the info on Medicare is so challenging….as there are so many plans and scenarios….

The guys left at 6 this eve…saying they would not be back tomorrow…as the baseboard molding that I was exchanging had not come in….they said to call the contractor Ephraim…whom has NEVER been down here since he came to measure….but at the end of the day I am glad as these kids are So Good…everytime I call him ….my blood boils as he puts me on Speaker …and I can hear all of his young brood screaming for attention…..

I am sort of sorry those sultry guys won’t be back tomorrow….but I leave for LA…so it does not matter in the end…..

The floor looks UnBelievable….just what I dreamed of…this is going to be my “writing cabin”…simple and woodsy….

I had the contractor rip out walls to put in TV cables in all the bedrooms and kitchen…well I now realized I don’t want to watch TV again….my laptop can get everything I need…

My wonderful neph and his fabulous wife Laura..

I was amazed years ago when I first visited them in SF..they really have no TV (they do have laptops)…the kids are taught to make things for themselves…to read etc….use their imagination…and talk to each other…

So I have decided the only room I might put a TV in is the main Guest room…for my friend Jim Reitzel…as he is addicted to Fox News

yes a Gay guy that is the one of the three Gay conservatives I have met in my life

but there is something quite wonderful about not knowing what is happening 24/7…as I get All of my news from the daily NYT…which I really enjoy reading….the old fashion way….on paper

my dear friend Ron asked me if I had heard that the 10 Freeway was backed WAY UP this Labor Day …going to Phoenix…well I thought it interesting….but at the end of the day….it was another reason not to be hooked to the “boob tube” ….

this place is going to be just Simple….books and Make-Believe…..

was going to bring the antique (1898) crystal candle-only chandelier …..down that came from a bordello in NYC but now have decided on something totally different…..and the furniture will all have to be changed…simpler more rustic….

it is Amazing what a few days makes…as I was about to cut my throat several days ago

…stressed to the gills …kicking up my colitis….I have to credit my friend Michelle……she merely texted me:

“Don’t Stress…Practice at Peace….and know that all is working for you….”

and I Cannot tell you how those few words brought me Back to Focus and calmed me TOTALLY…..made me think of my mother’s Christian Scientist Practitioners whom helped throughout her Life….

Michelle has SUCH a Gift!!!!

I thought of her tonight while Ron and I were dining at Lulu’s…I have fallen in love with their Acorn Squash stuffed with quinoa (sp?)…we had this handsome, charming black waiter….who is from Louisiana (sp?)…his parents died when he was young…he had only a brother that passed young…and he was raised by many different relatives who passed him around…..

he said that most his clan gathered last Labor Day….in Dallas at the restaurant that is now in the building that …on the TV show Dallas…was their house/mansion (think it was called “Southfork” or something)

he said only 370 of them made it…

those whom had passed …they lit candles for…

I sighed and said…”there are nothing like Black Folk…your cooking…your camaderie…caring for each other”

he smiled with that gap-tooth that my friend Eric is getting rid of…and said “you are so right… and I know how to cook a little….”

I knew he was straight but asked him if he had a partner, wife or girlfriend….he said yes…I asked if she was Black…(only because I think the races should marry each other…so different from the way I was raised….in the 60’s)

he said she has a German Mother and a Black father….and has a bit of blonde in her hair…..

His name is Roston…he said just think of Boston but with an R

I said…it must have been hard with no parents no siblings….but then corrected myself….and said…but kids never know that things would or should be different…he smiled and said You are so right….

he only works at Lulus two times a week…he is a martial arts teacher….

is 35…..

just a Wonderful Man!!!

We make things So Complex…..

Simplicity sometimes works better

2 Responses to “Sometimes Simplicity Works Better”

  1. Richard said

    Good one again, sitting in rustic WI for a week, that brings you back to simple times. My hometown has a total population of 226 and I used to know everyone, now I know no one. We are having my 55th class reunion with all 12 of us gathering at the Country Club on Yellowstone Lake–cn’t wait. So hope your floors are getting done and you will be in PS soon–enjoying the simple life. Hugs R&R

  2. Diana Skrah-Devers said

    As always, thanks for sharing. I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. Can’t wait to see you and your home in PS. Hugs and Kisses from Diana, Danny, and Uncle Jimmy!

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