November 16, 2015

Since I retired…Time does not slow down….as there are not enough clouds in the sky for me to muse on…

it has been a bitch trying to get the Right Health Plan and doctor..as I now am on Medicare…and Kaiser does not have a plan through Calpers down here for me..so I switched to what they recommended for 2016…a PPO with United Healthcare…well since it is NOT 2016..I have to go on their HMO plan…was assigned a doctor Albert Anderson…who graduated from a college in Mexico…

Man to read the reviews of him online is quite awful…I went through the Huge book that United Healthcare sent regarding available doc in the PS area….and Googled them All…came across one who was on Yelp and other sites…got 41/2 stars out of 5 …he speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian….

but to change – took me over an hour on my cell phone…(I cut the cord)…the first guy said I can’t hear you very well ..are you on speaker phone..I said no…he couldn’t help..so switched me to a woman…who could not find my policy (as I am new as of Nov 1st)…she switched me to her supervisor….who spent at first said I could not switch doctors until the first of the year…then Realizing I was New…to United Healthcare…said it will take me just a few minutes while I put you on hold…she kept coming back saying the same thing…3 times….then finally told me I would have Doctor Stanley as my Primary Doctor…

I thought YIPPEE…

as Michelle would say just “Focus” and don’t Give Up

the thing that I value More as time goes on …are friendships…

I have developed one with my “contractor”…Manuel…he Really has become like family….

He is THERE when I Need him….I have not seen him for over a month…but yesterday what with El Nino coming I wanted to see what he had to say…about the potential hazard of my house flooding..Especially my bedroom….(he has helped several families AFTER they had to rebuild due to flooding)…

he looked at the slope of the land and said “Rob there is NO question that your bedroom would become a lake”

which is what I feared….

so he is going to get me sandbags…and show me what to do….

and I am approaching the HOA

The one thing about Manuel …who is an attractive, slight man…with a slight tic in one eye…and an occasional stutter….

he can asses the situation in a a Nano second…and if he can Not do it refer you to someone that can….not all this scratching of the balls and ho-humming

he is honest as the day is long…

He recommended my cabinet maker Jose…who is his wife’s brother…

Jose recommended 3 of his 4 sisters (which does not include Manuel’s wife) as house cleaners…. I LOVE them all..as they are in and out…in a Flash

then Manuel recommended his gardener Javier..as a wonderful drought tolerant gardener….and he IS a Character…thinks it is cool to wear his sun glasses (not on his head) but dripping down below his chin…and MAN does he have the MOST perfect WHITE teeth that I have Ever seen….

I told Manuel that I wanted to have he and his wife and Jose and his wife over for dinner – probably after the first of the year (due to the holidays and family)…once I could get my friend Nacho down from LA…

The most important thing to me in this last chapter of my life…are the friends I have…..and thanks to Ron…I came into this Wonderful Group whom I all Love….

I was able to snare down this last weekend…my Closest friend…a Woman I TOTALLY admire….I have talked about her many a time…she has this Gift…of nonstop Giving…she can’t help but be honest and Just Give….(she is the female Jesus…tho she would hate me to say that…but lets face it Jesus did Not know what he had…(sorry atheists) )

to be with a True friend …is to be with someone who will Love to share Life with you in ANY circumstance…be it at a taco stand in the desert or the Most Expensive restaurant…like Edge ….

what they are celebrating is Life with YOU….no matter the environment…as that does not matter….

I Loved just sitting out with Michelle on my back patio …drinking champagne…looking out across the golf course to the pond… to the people attempting to play golf….

this all makes me think of when I traveled through Europe in 1964…with 2 of my best friends…after we graduated from St Albans…Peter’s father bought us a VW that we picked up at the factory…it was shipped back to him at the end of our 3 month travel….

One of the most memorable experiences was in Northern Greece…and the roads up there were all gravel and in some places less than one lane…we were rounding a curve when this truck came barreling around..smashed into us….shattering the front windshield…buckling in the drivers side and the front….

the drivers did Not speak English…but stopped their truck…I remember they broke cigarettes to cover our open head wounds…which Amazingly DOES the trick (one good thing about cigarettes) ..they gave us their insurance papers…which Did at the end of the month pay for our car damages…..

later we found out that it would take a week at least to repair the VW..as they had to get parts from Germany…so we rented a small sail boat to sail the Aegean…well we sailed down to Mikonos…only on the trip back to Piraeus…we encountered the Meltemi winds…which around the island of St Georigous snapped out mast..causing us to be ship wrecked on this desotate isle…inhabited on the FAR end by two shepherds (another story)

but driving into Athens…(John Calhoun was driving).. our bashed in car..no front window…we really did not know where we were going…as we were reading the book “Europe on $5.00 a Day”….

we were stopped at a traffic light and this one lady of the night..came up and asked in VERY broken English…”Cheap Place ..for the Night??”….

John said YES….

well we ended up in this bordello…the reception “desk”…was this fold up table in the hall of this old building….our room on the walk up third floor ….was 3 cots…with a sink that Did Not drain….well after an hour it did….and the john was down the hall…but had newspaper stuck to a nail on the wall for TP….

In the morning a girl would come in skimpily dressed and seductively say



4 Responses to “Hello”

  1. Richard said

    Sometimes I wonder how you ever got to “retirement” age with all your travels in wonderful places and such happenings!!! Enjoyed very much, now you enjoy the desert!!!! Hugs R&R

  2. Liz said

    What an Adventure!! Continually!!

  3. Omar said

    Michelle is a hoot and was very glad to meet her, it will make for a dinner that I will never forget since you incorporated my tattoo joke into the conversation. Love your life expriences as told through your eyes, they call me to me like a Siren song.

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