I HAVE….Come Home!!!

November 26, 2015

When I was young….I always felt that my parents were so different that I must be adopted…or maybe kidnapped by a band of gypsies and sold to my father and mother
at times I have  felt the the home I was in was not mine….
But I Realized the older I become…that the words that Mother used years ago as she aged…and I scoffed at…
Well they have all come true…..
She would spend what seemed hours in front of her mirror putting on her Brilliant Red Elizabeth Arden lipstick…adjusting her hair…
what I used to think impatiently in my youth I won’t repeat…as it was wrong…so sadly wrong I realize Now….
she would turn to  me in the unrecognized   beauty of  my youth…and say How Do I Look….I would say oh Wonderful Mother…..
but impatiently not really know what I was looking at…..
they say Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder…but for me Then…
 it was  Lost in the Eye of this Beholder…..
She would often say I still feel as if I am 28…
this was many years later and she was on a cane…and we were walking through Piccadilly….I would just sigh and muddle on with her arm entwined in mine
I just spent one of the Best Thanksgiving I have ever experienced….
My mind at one point flashed back to our family Thanksgivings in the family weekend get-a-way in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside  DC  where we lived…a small town called Blue Ridge Summit in Pennsylvania…
father had bought the property in a run down state…but fell in love with the 19th century  house that was a wood ( full half logs) and stucco  structure…with a spring running through it that travelled out of the house and down to  a pond …
when he bought the house it was falling apart…cows were wandering through the lower floor – 
…it was TOTALLY overgrown….when he brought mother and us 5 kids up to see it …we camped…but when Mother saw a HUGE black snake…she said “Bob this is Too Much!!!”…and went and spent the night in the car…..
Father bought it…it was on 12 acres…he had us all work the land…cutting brush…for weeks and weeks and weeks….never forget the day he was burning the weeds..some of it was Poison Ivy…mother was downwind…well her face eventually blew up to the size of a pumpkin and you could not see her eyes….she was bedridden for many a day….
he had a football/baseball  pitch bulldozed into the land…a Har Tru tennis court built…a ski slope …a paddle tennis court.. ..a sauna house with a sand beach in front of the pond…and stocked the pond with rainbow trout…and taught us all to fly fish……he built another house on a rock  up the mountain/hill for mother and  he to spend the nights in…away from their kids…he bought the property above…which was “grander”…with a wrap around veranda…horses  and a sleigh…(well I had left for college when he did this)
but Every Thanksgiving he would invite their DC friends (like Justice Potter – the head of the Supreme Court) and family out…mother was without her DC help…just had us kids…who hauled everything back and forth….and theirs was not a Real kitchen….a refrigerator and a hot plate…but there was a walk in fireplace…and a grill outside (not propane back then..)…Lord what mother went through with him I don’t know how she did it…no wife would endure what she had to back then…as he was ALWAYS right!!!
after Everyone had exploded on Thanksgiving’s bounty….Dad insisted we All play touch football…(he was a Real Jock…had been captain of his Football, Baseball, Boxing teams in college)….I had my mother’s build and was NEVER a jock…which I am sure disappointed him….as I was the first male…2nd child born ….right after the War…
I hated competitive group sports…only loved tennis and track ….
so Thanksgivings growing up…as a young guy were Hell for me….
but Thanksgiving today was What I Always thought a true one should be…all those years ago 
Dreams are Fierce in Youth
it was spent …at a Wonderful…Gorgeous  house of two new  friends of mine….
it was the kind of Thanksgivings you would read about…or see in Disney movies…
with a REAL crackling wood fire…a Total abundance of food…Nick and Ken took their Living Room furniture out so we all could sit down…and man do they have TONS of crystal and linens….
24 Gay men….the nicest bunch of guys one could Ever meet…who are All friends of mine now…and Man the stories they all have…of when they realized they were gay etc etc….most have been partnered or married for 30-40 years
I keep recalling Sally Fields acceptance speech when she won the Academy Award for “Place In The Heart”…”you LIKE me!!!”
it is the way I feel with these  oh so Wonderful guys….
all the dreams of my youth…which have seemed impossible so often….
have  Finally …..come true…and 
I HAVE Come Home!!!!

5 Responses to “I HAVE….Come Home!!!”

  1. Jack said

    We feel the same about you…you are a special wonderful addition to ” the family” Love, ” Carol C” and Greg

  2. adelaidedonnelley said

    Rob this brings back such memories – wonderful, for me. And it makes me so happy that this is all happening to you – and that in so many ways, you are truly home. I love you xx D

  3. Liz said

    Home is where the heart is!! So happy to hear you are home!! and you always have a gift for remembering and the telling through your great stories!! Love you!!

  4. Richard said

    Didn’t like it–loved it as per usual. We are so sorry that we were not with “the family” for Thanksgiving but we know what you mean–a super group of wonderful friends who have become “family” Happy Holidays to all. Hugs R&R

  5. susi said

    Sounds like your new hood has suddenly really become “home!”
    I feel privileged to have visited beautiful Blue Ridge Summit, back in the day. Hugs and love, suz

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