Where Do We Come From

November 30, 2015

I have always wondered…as I have mentioned before when I was going through my early teens….I felt my parents were NOT mine….

I Felt so different…..as I was SOOO… unlike their Life…..

Two movies lately have sent the same message…one on PBS…”Indian Summer”..about the terrible Imperialism of the Brits in India …which made me think of the way “Slaves” were treated here in the US ..well everywhere else…..

one thing that makes my jaw still drop open in TOTAL astonishment was that when Gt Britain abolished slavery in 1833 – before we did…they gave money as reimbursements to the slave owners for loss of future income

nothing was given to the “slaves”

another movie currently playing is “Brooklyn” …a “Falling Leaves Movie”….it is probably the Best movie that I have seen this year..(well I have Not had the chance to see many…but do prefer the upbeat and the more romantic than the others)

it is a movie about a young girl moving from Ireland to Brooklyn…for a better Life and job ….set in the 1950’s…it is quite touching…and reminds me of how hard it is to Break Away from What is comfortable…

and how other people we encounter influence our lives…change our direction….sometimes from North to South…and most times

West to West

I fell in love with Saoirse Ronan…she is a Fabulous Actress…and matures on screen before your eyes…

and WOW….Emory Cohen…is so sexually alluring with his smirk…he reminds me of a young Marlon Brando….the smile combined with his delicious sense of humor…warms the cockles of your soul….

I won’t spoil and tell you whether the ending is Happy or Not

and two of my favorite actors are in it…Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent

I am inherently a Shy person…it is just the way I was born..in my DNA..it is hard for me to break out of my comfort zone at times and do something I want to do but am held back by myself…like this weekend there is the Annual Christmas Party for the HOA I am in..there are 66 homes in it…I thought I should invite the neighbor next door as I have met him only twice when he has come  over….

So I pushed myself HARD on the shoulder…called him …he said Rob you DON’T know how LOUD that club house becomes.

but he accepted.. with the understanding that either of us could flee at any time if we felt like it…..

at the end of these Movies I Realized…

it is NOT where we come from…

it is WHAT we do with the gifts we are given in Life…that determine..

WHERE we go ..and WHAT we Become.

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