Let It All Hang Out!!!

December 12, 2015

I just watched the second season of “Transparent”…that Amazon produced….

and am just left speechless….as It is SO much better than the first season….and I just want more…

…”Transparent” would never appeal to the Bible belt or most Republicans…as it deals with a man who transitions from male to female later in his life – he has grandkids…Jeffrey Tambor..is so Excellent

but then our OlympicChampion Republican – Bruce Jenner has transitioned successfully to Caitlyn….but he had money and fortunately was able to control the media…and I give him/her a lot of credit for that….as otherwise we would still be back in the dark ages….locked in seemingly forever

He/She made a moment in time that seemed at once insurmountable…..

This year has been a Big year…what with the Climate Change Agreement…finally signed….and though I cannot stand Donald Trump he has changed the political arena from the boring pap that I grew up with….to something we never expected……showing the basic lack of education in so many American (the US I mean)

we have to go back to the basics…and support Teachers…our education process..the lack of it is what tears our country apart
preventing it from growing …

it is just damn Lack of Education…….

Ignorant parents sponsor ignorant children unless they are given a chance….at an education…

I think of my dear friend Nacho …who came from Total poverty in Mexico

his mother pushed him across the border for a better life….when he was quite young…he had to hire a coyote…and travel though the desert…

he lived with some of his brothers in Fresno…working at McDonalds to buy a bike so he did not have to walk 5 miles a day to school…he went on…due to his brilliance to get a FULL scholarship to college…that included room and board…

he was the youngest..of 15 I think…..the only member in his family to be able to go through high school and through college….

he has a BA and a MA….and is one of the TOP teachers in the LA school district system

watching the nudity of the women in Transparent at the “Idywild Womin Music” event….( I don’t know if that is fictitious or not)

but it made me flash back to the “Hippie Area”…and visiting my sister and brother-in-law…David…who is one of the MOST Wonderul Men that has ever existed…he just has am unrestrained joy for Life…back in the 80’s

oh let me back track….they met when my sister was in the Peace Corps in DC…he took her to London…as a surprise weekend…they rode a motorscooter all over…..to St Pauls etc

his parents had a house in Lake Forest Illinois that had several gauges of trains that ran around the property…David’s father Elliott TOTALLY was in to trains….he bought the original locomotive from the old movie “Around The World In 80 Days”….which was such an important film for me as I grew up……

he had trains you could ride in…ride on….etc

one evening as the moon was Full…David took my sister out alone on the handcar that you had to pump around the property..

.it was then that he proposed……

and she accepted…

I will NEVER forget when they told me they were to be married…

they told me the day I was boarding the train…that took me back to work as a common laborer on the Great Northern Railway…and we were stationed in a small town in North Dakota…this was a summer job …I did two summers to try to prove to my Dad that I was a jock…..

but the scene in my memory was such a Casablanca moment…with steam pouring out the locomotive…the popular song at that time was “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”…I have the old CD…and it brings back such memories…

and when they were married it was a story book wedding…

in an old old Colonial Church in Virginia….where it was either Thomas Jefferson went or George Washington….it was a TOTALLY formal wedding back then…my Father in tails…women in Chanel suits….(I have the picture of the two of them on my desk)

the reson this whole wonderful memory comes floating back is watching the nudity…the one on one girls…..

to me it is soo Ho Hum….as back in the 80’s…I will Never forget…visiting my dear sister and her husband…at their house on Grizzly Peak in Berkeley

….I came down in the morning to loud music being played…to see my very young Nephews (well maybe Ohh had not arrived yet)…in a very normal relaxed nude state…..

dancing wildly nude with their nude father …

it was so normally wonderful…a tradition that Ohhh and his gorgerous wife Lauhrrahh!
carry onto this day….

so it is Education and Teacher you want to vote for now…as that is the only way we can proceed as a civilzation

(think I am going to go out and dance nude in my very dark living room to my Sonos Player…it is sooo nice not having next door neighbors to have to worry abut…..)

Hey..even though we are a tad older Why Should We NOT let it all hang out…..

One Response to “Let It All Hang Out!!!”

  1. Richard said

    Wonderful as per usual, I do agree with you so very much. Education and the lowly teacher–not respected as they should be–I know I was a teacher for 35 years and loved the students, hated the administration. My dear students meant so much to me and I was important to so many of them–we have lost so much of that today. Love the show also Have a great week here in the desert. Hugs R&R

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