Didn’t You Get My Letter

December 18, 2015

​I use to hate the slooowww passage of time….in my teenage years…..

Every day seemed like a century in passing……especially when you were rolled downstairs in a trash can by bullies..

Now I just wish it would Slow down….​

Spent a Very enjoyable evening with my “Boozey Bunch” friends….

what AMAZES me is how how different all our lives have been….

I was talking to one dear friend who was telling me of how his parents had a child later in life…like 12 or more years after the first brood…and of how HE became a parental figure as his mom had passed…..

of how his father took his very young sister to the local watering holes after he got home from work…..

this all of a sudden hit me like deja vu…

as years ago a friend from work told me about his early life..

…but in this guys case….his parents had not wed when he was born…and his grandmother raised him….and he grew up thinking SHE was his Mother

only to be told several years later that his sister was not his sister but his mother…

that his grandmother was not his mother but his grandmother…

man THAT would have done me in….

then I was talking to another new friend…

who was born in South Africa…and LEFT after he had been robbed 6 times…

as whites have always been in the minority and thought as being rich….which lets face it they always have been

he then said something to the affect that over here

he felt Mexicans were not people to trust…

I saw immediately a shade of RED..

..I said OH NO….I have never found Mexicans anything to be less than honest….

that my dearest Friend Nacho is like a brother to me…one I will love and Trust until I cease to breathe…

and that Gil and John had recommended a wonderful contractor (Mexican) whom I adore…

I ended up hiring his brother-in-law as a cabinet maker… his 3 sister-in-laws as my domestic help…and his gardener….I have given them all keys to my house….

that I would trust them faster than my own flesh and blood…

as my flesh and blood would have to know WHY…WHERE…are you sure you’re not wrong…when I just want the motherfucka hit

and in all Honesty I have never seen a Mexican beggar…never a homeless person….

yes I had a lover – second generation that was on drugs that I did not know about until I took him to London First Class

… he got upset with me -me as though it was MY fault…that in the Old Town of London they close the bars earlier..

we went over to a bar in the New Town…a block away

after checking his coat..he left me and disappeared …

in this bar there is an open atrium that goes between the floors….so you can look down on the people below…

He told me later that he was watching me from above… he enjoying seeing me squirm….

well I had been to London Many a time…and felt protective….and was kind of outta sorts looking for him….as I did not want him to get lost….

after 2 hours of trying to find him I gave up and left for our hotel….and drunkenly went to bed….

it was 4 in the AM…I heard all of this noise coming from the streets below….

to see Gil get out of this car…kissing everyone…..telling them how much he loved them

Well THAT was it….I could not wait to get him on the plane back home….

and when I did…and we got home and one night…he got drugged up and drunk…

he smashed a champagne glass in my face…

Well THAT was IT!!!!

I told him he had to LEAVE…well he wanted $40,000 to move…I said I DID not have it….

strangely what happened was that I told a girl friend about Gil… she was married to a Beefy Marine…(actually he had been my boss at West Hollywood City Hall and we had a wonderful affair…he use to jump over the 8 foot walls around my apartment building…before she called him home to Houston…where I went twice a month…and man did we have fun…she always said as she was sitting in between us in bed…”Boys if any of us get fucked tonight..it is ME”

anyway Paula sent me a letter one that I never received as Gil unbeknownst to me was opening ALL of my mail….saying that Dan was going to come out and break Gil’s legs…(and he would have…)

one day I came home from work and Gil was gone ..with the Grand piano I had given him as a Christmas gift….two tv’s…all of my photographs of my old lovers ..all of my old letters…..

I did not know for months WHAT had caused him to leave…

until I called Paula..and she said:

“Robby Didn’t you get my letter?”

3 Responses to “Didn’t You Get My Letter”

  1. Richard said

    Wow!!! I thought my life was interesting at times but you certainly passed me on this one. Have a great day and a great weekend. Hugs R&R

  2. Omar said

    Well that was surely an interesting story, but seriously there are bad people in all races, even (ugh um) Mexicans. Keep them coming Robby.

  3. Tom and Paul said

    Very interesting people and journey you have followed, You need to write a book

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