Chinese Red Lipstick Imprint Left on the stub

December 21, 2015

I was watching, through Hulu, as I have cut the cord and DON’T regret it…
last night’s episode of “The Affair”…
it makes me so aware of how we all come from such different families…parents and friends….
I guess that is what makes me so curious about other people’s lives…
as there is no one that  comes from the same  cookie cutter mold
..even with my siblings….we were and are worlds apart…in so many ways…
what has made me so Happy living in Palm Springs is that …being Gay…and meeting so many people my age…it is Soo nice to discuss when we realized we were gay…and When we acted upon it….
as being Gay when I grew up was  a Psychological Misfit….
you were an outcast….
two of my dear friends..Larry and Ed…when I told them I was having difficulty finding a doctor down here I was running out of my colitis meds…said “Oh just call Denise…and if you don’t mind paying a few bucks more…you will get VIP handling”…by Eisenhower Medical
This morning I called – got Denise – she immediately emailed  me the forms – I filled them out…went in to drop them off and got to meet her……
she said WHEN do you want an appointment with Dr Hughes…I thinking it would be months – said well as soon as possible…she said what about January 6th…well that just Flabbergasted me…I said SURE!!…and then she even asked what time was convenient for ME…..
and this was all in just 2 hours……
My mind flashes back to the late 50’s…when I was in 4th grade…at St Albans..  only 50 in our class until we graduated..(and back then people ONLY graduated when they had finished 12 grades…not like today when they graduate from pre-school etc etc)
.I hated St Albans as I was bullied..rolled down stairs in a trash can..kicked in the balls every day by Eddie Stowe and his goons….
but I will never forget Patick Higgins…who was as small as I was…and he did not last beyond the Lower School (meaning 7th grade)….
his mother must have been a Trophy she was OLDER than most mothers..but had “work” done on her face…
she use to arrive to leave or pick up Patrick…in this fabulous Chauffeur driven Rolls…
what amazed me was she Always had Sooo much make up on…and always was wearing these Fabulous Sables….
they drove me home once when my carpool mother did not show up….
what repulsed me was how she was ALL over Patrick….I wonder now if he was really her child….
The chauffeur’s eyes in the Rear View mirror..I will never forget..he was kinda creepy….
Today that episode makes me think of “Sunset Boulevard” with Gloria Swanson…..
and I now wonder if Mrs Higgins was an old actress….
and I wonder what happened to Patrick…as I think he left St Albans in the 6th grade…
now I feel he was Definitely he was so effeminate….
I feel he might have done himself in…Oh I should not say that…
His life was just not that balanced…yes how can I say anything when I was only in 6th Grade….
Talking about sables…(seems I am fixated now on Real furs which are not allowed anymore)
but I remember Harold Stassen’s secretary…Millie…Harold was the youngest Governor of Minnesota way back when…he ran for President…but my Father worked for him ..yes back in that foggy period of my memory…they helped draft the UN charter after WWII
what I so sooo remember about Millie was her Smile…she had irregular teeth….
 and her VERY Chinese Red lipstick…
her stole.(fox??)
..her unfiltered Lucky Strike cigs…that when she extinguished them in mother’s sterling silver  ash tray…sent up a plume of smoke 
And left that Chinese Red lip imprint…on the stub

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