The Warmth Of Your Smile

January 17, 2016

There were two articles in today’s (Sunday) NYT that moved me to peering into the Looking Glass..

“Cancer and Climate Change” by Piers J Sellers…the “deputy director of Sciences and Exploration at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center”…

“as an astronaut, he walked in space six times”


Manners Fit Jeb Bush, If Not an uncouth Race by Ashley Parker


I think it was when I entered my 60’s that I noticed how I had changed physically….for the worse….(in my view)

not that I was Ever a Beauty….

but it was then that I started to look at old pictures and say to myself…Man…you weren’t as Bad as you thought you looked….


Friday … our weekly meeting of the Fraternal bunch…Bobby was showing Dave…old pics of himself and Geoffrey with a “G”….

we really were astounded by the beauty they once had physically…..

but these two articles made me realize….how as we age…we are not as important in the cog of Life’s Factory… is time for us to move on ….and laugh with friends… the Downton Abbey era we were born in has Totally changed……

we are not the invincible person physically we once were….. as the tadpole….has now grown into a Toad


Piers says: “I’m a climate scientist who has just been told I have Stage 4 pancreatic cancer….” “I’ve spent much of my professional life (at 60) ….. thinking I would I would live to see the most critical part of the problem, and see the the possible solutions, play out in my lifetime…..”

and in Ashley’s article……

“Mr Bush tell voters who wonder why he cannot summon Mr Trump’s TV-friendly fury that he ‘wasn’t brought up that way’ …that era of polite and high society – on the courts and playing fields of New England, in the corridors of government – is fast fading,…..the last, wheezing gasp of WASP power structure…”


Unfortunately it is soo true…..


I had no idea was I born a WASP…

did not realize until I escaped St Albans and was at Carleton College …that THERE were different people out there…..I could identify with…..

when I reflect on my grandparents….how they regretted how times “had changed….things were just Not like the Old Days”…when a man with his cart and horse use to come down their alley to sell his vegetables….

and I will Never forget how the iceman in Northern Wisconsin use to saw up ice blocks from our lake to put in the “Ice House” that helped us through the summer months… at that time we had no electricity..just kerosene lamps…..nor at that time was there such a thing as a gas generated refrigerator…..which we acquired later


my niece’s and nephews new baby born a couple of days ago….will have his own challenges…and if he hears about my Life…will think “How Quaint”

Most people Hate their body changing …their Life changing……


Piers ends his article by saying “I’ve no complaints (about life). I’m very grateful for the experiences I’ve had on this planet….and so, I’m going to work tomorrow”


you just have to peer into the Looking Glass…

adjust your Attitude….. laugh at yourself

Go out and Give everyone what no ONE but YOU can EVER Have …..

The Electric Energy of the Warmth of Your Smile!!!!

5 Responses to “The Warmth Of Your Smile”

  1. Richard said

    Wonderful!!! So very true, looking back and wishing I had been more athletic but am so happy where I am today–a little chubby–and that too shall change–going to get an athletic figure this year. Thanks for the great article.

  2. susi said

    Yes, it is humbling to finally realize that we are truly mortal, evidenced by the body’s surrender to gravity and more. I think that this process is intended to turn our minds and hearts to more spiritual matters as we approach the end of our lives, or the final third of our lives, anyway. And both men and women are not able to depend on the superficial elements of beauty or physical strength to further themselves in this world. I am being forced, by my own body’s limitations as I age, to totally change my career – but am very excited as I enter on this new path. Am choosing a field that I can do well into my elderhood – coaching.

  3. adelaidedonnelley said

    Wait until you’re approaching 80 ;-))

    On another note – Rob, I’m sending you a new book that has gotten rave reviews and deals with life and death – “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi xxd

  4. Diana Skrah-Devers said

    Thanks for adding me back to distro Robby; I so enjoy reading your blog. Enjoy your time with Uncle Jimmy!

  5. Omar said

    I don’t consider myself quite a toad yet, I think of myself as a mature Pollywog on it’s way to being one. I do think back on my athletic days but I promised myself that I wouldn’t dwell on glory days and be like guys I know that cannot let those days be in the past. I believe mirrors are here to punish us to show us that gravity really does work, ugh! Keep them coming Robby

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