Memories of 21 Years ago

May 10, 2016



I just came across these old letters…

They were written to the couple (straight) I was having an affair with in Houston…he had been my boss in West Hollywood before his wife called him home suspecting something was up…..

and then there is a letter I wrote my dear brother  Sumner and his wife (at the time) Mare….

It is May of 1995…my father is dead….Mom took her 3 sons back to Alt Aussee Austria…where Dad had caught Ernst Kaltenbrunner…(who was a hair’s breath away from becoming the 2nd in command after Adolf)…. toward the end of the war…as Ernst and his body guards were  trying to escape over the Alps… Italy….

Father caught him in a hunting lodge high up in the Alps….where Ernst had stopped…Dad had a detachment of a troop of Army guys…they had to hike several miles up from this Beautiful Austrian village….in hip deep snow…..

Dad left his detachment…and this is just as day as beginning to break…. as he approached the hutte….

and knocked…saying  in his broken German …that he had a note from Ernst’s mistress Ursula   (who gave Dad the location of where Ernst was…

an aside….Ernst had twins by  Ursula…tho  properly married at the time)

Father was  able to gain entry after one of Ernst’s body guards opened the door and saw the detachment of guys with rifles……below Dad…

he marched Ernst and his body guards back through the village

he became a Hero…..

(I attach the letters but they are long…and I think you have to copy and paste them in a new link to view….)









One Response to “Memories of 21 Years ago”

  1. xxRob:

    Poignant. Searing. Beautiful that Jane CHOSE to take her sons to THE place that was a defining moment of their deceased Father: to walk in his tracks- spring pastures and NOT hip deep snow. To viscerally experience what occurred to YOUR Father’s soul as he came closer- his heart beating faster, courage seizing fear and knowing HE could have been killed once that door opened for Ernst had nothing to lose…

    YOUR Mother had you climb YOUR Father’s “Mount Kilimanjaro”. What a remarkable action a recently widowed wife of a man who died the cruel and voracious appetite of Parkinson’s Disease.

    Jane wanted YOU, RICK + SUMNER to stand in Robert’s shoes as HE lived THAT moment.

    Amazing Grace.
    A remarkable tribute to the man she cherished…

    With love,

    your Catherine

    13 May 2016

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