Break A Leg

May 16, 2016

It really is  amazing how wonderful duct tape is….
seems to be used on most murder mysteries…
 put always  on the mouth of the good guy…
hmm…think I will incorporate it in my next Charades party…after people – of course have dined….
Living here in retirement in the Desert has been quite Wonderful…tho it takes a bit of adjustment …as I am use to sleeping with the windows open and the Midwest breeze blowing in….
one friend down here says he sets his AC at 82…but if he did not care about the electric bill would set it at 72…..
I have been going through old papers…to get rid of them basically and Lord I had NO idea that I wrote so many love letters to Paula and Dan…
that couple who lived in Houston…that I was having an affair with in 1994 (What a Year for me that was)
…he had been my boss at City Hall…use to jump over my 10 foot wall..late at night  to see me ..
how I took them to Hawaii…she did a fashion show for the the two of us the bikinis she had brought over…..
and paid for their trip up to meet Jim Reitzel in West Hollywood….
and this was the period when my   lover (at that time)…had moved in Marlon the Nicaraguan bus boy he met at the drag place still in existence..The Plaza on La Brea…..
we were at a show…and …he did not come back for half an hour…and so I left our place in front of the stage…and wandered back toward  the john…where I found them lip locked
 once when I got back from Houston
after dancing my ass off with Paula and Dan..(Lord that WAS such a Wonderful period)..
.Paula always saying in bed…”Boy if anyone gets fucked tonight it is ME!!!
….the kitchen was filled with Donald, Marlon, Marlon’s mother and some other Nicaraguan preparing some meal….the later two sleeping on couches in my living room….
the guy I loved the most …platonically ..also lived there….
 the wonderful Jimbo who was to be murdered later by a jealous lover in the same apartment ……
he would have shot me also had I not motored off to shop in Century City  for a trip I was going on…
after I told Donald and Marlon they had to move out
 (Donald made twice what I made…. and could tell a joke that went on for DAYS…
will never forget my Uncle Sumner…saying after half an hour…“Donald WHERE is the punch line”…Donald said you obviously do not appreciate a Good British joke….upon which my Uncle stuck his fingers in his ears and flapped his fingers in disgust….
Ohh also Donald when he left (we had lived together for 12 years)…an accounting for all the years we had lived together from the Sparkletts  bottle water to gifts we gave my uncle…which we had paid jointly…he said he did not owe these…he EVEN had old restaurant receipts….
I just could NOT get my head around this…I mean WHAT lover saves all these receipts…
I started to dislike him when his parents came to visit from Ohio…as he and his Dad would love to gang up on his mother Dorothy and make her cry…..I mean…talk about being cruel……
I take it back the WORST lover was the last Gil…who was into drugs and I had Never experienced anyone taking …and I think I told you the worst experience was taking him to London…and he was mad that one bar closed the way all bars do in the OLD town at midnight
…whereas you can walk around the corner and be out of that area and get to a bar that goes until 2…which we did…but after he checked his coat…(it was winter)…he disappeared —the bar had an open atrium where there was a bar on the gound floor and then it was open so people on the second floor could look down….
I was worried about him … after 2 hours… as he had no money and did not know London…..well I left
at 3:30 AM…I heard a noise outside of my 2nd floor window and looked out to see him kissing 3 guys….
when he got to the room ..he said “We looked down on you squirming below us….”
Well THAT was it for me…just had to figure out a way to get him out of there and home where I could dump him…..
which I of course did but First Class all the way….
and when I confronted him at home…we were in the kitchen…will never forget it …
he Hurled his wine glass in my face..cutting it….which no one had done before…
I told him HE HAD to be out by the first of the year…..
he said he wanted $50,000….I said I did not have it and even if I did would never give it to him…..
it was approaching New Years…so left after work and checked into the Bel Age Hotel (now the London)…on Sunset Blvd….. for 4 days….and shoot the Holidays can be lonely if you are not with your friends…
I did not want them to know I did not have a perfect relationship….
when I arrived back Gil had not left….
but two weeks later he was gone when I biked home from work…he had taken the Baby Grand I had given him as he had told me he LOVED to play the piano…but alas…he was even bad at “Chopsticks”……
had taken ALL of my photos..(this is before smart phones)….taken a lot of china..but then so had Donald….taken a TV..a  bed….etc etc….
I just felt relieved it was Over…
and THAT is why I don’t want a lover……
just give me Good Friends…..
 at the time I  Never knew what made him leave…
until one day ….Paula called me ..
I told her that Gil had left…
she said ….didn’t you Get my letter..
that her husband   Dan (a beefy ex-Marine)…
would come out and Break his legs…..

3 Responses to “Break A Leg”

  1. Richard said

    My God, you went through so much–just like me. When my lover left, the took so many things–my favorite was the chandelier in the dining room–I didn’t notice it for two weeks until one evening I went to turn the light on and it was gone. Best thing that ever happened to me. Great story. Enjoy your retirement here with your “friends”-we love you. R&R

  2. Omar said

    what a life even though you had some crappy lovers……mind you there will be someone to catch your eye one of these days and and you will fall ass over heels, or heels over head, which ever it will be dreamy

  3. Rob said

    You are Sweet to say so….Who Knows…my Life has been a roller coaster….and right now am Clacking toward the top on this old wooden coaster…what happens as it passes the summit and descends only the winds Know..xxR

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