Just Breathe In and Out….

May 17, 2016

wow..a rain shower in the desert in the middle of May…was quite refreshing…it brought the temp down like 20 degrees…and the warm damp  grassy woodsy  scent was UNBELIEVABLE….
the two male Mallards were approaching from the pond…I assume they are gay..as they are ALWAYS together….but then maybe they are just best Bro’s….they always veer to the second house to the right of  me ….this is an evening ritual for these two guys…..
I had delivered through Amazon..two dining tables..as I thought they would be great..well no they are OK…but too high…and won’t fit where I wanted them to…so am turning them into coffee tables…
but they were painted green…and as I was sanding them I looked at the crate they came in and it said made in “Vietnam”…which made me immediately flash to Agent Orange…that de-foliant the US sprayed ALL OVER Vietnam back in that undeclared war…
my mind flashed to my Father who died of Parkinson’s…which I TOTALLY blame on Agent Orange as a dear friend of mine also lost her brother to Parkinson’s …and he had been in Vietnam ..the same time as Dad ..(who was one of the heads of the “Pacification” program for the State Dept) ..was….
anyway I stopped sanding…but then thought what the hell…Dad had me spray DDT to kill mosquitoes at our summer house on Burgundy Point on Lake Namekagon in Northern Wisconsin…back when I was 14
My computer …well let me preface this…I “cut the cord”…when I moved here..so use my laptop to view any programs like Tennis or HBO or Showtime…
yester morn when I went to watch the ATP (men’s) tennis matches in Geneva…well the screen was BLACK…would not go anywhere…
so natch I used my tablet to find an IT guy down here in the provinces….
after getting Monique twice whose voice message..said “Hi This is Monique for “Escape from Palm Springs”….nothing about computer repair….
she did call back but this was way after I got a message on Pinterest…
from Tarwin….
 ..who came out later in the day….and fixed TOTALLY my problem and made me overcome my fear of Windows 10…as when it first came out….I once installed it but could not find any of my Google accounts…he is a whiz….
and I have got to preface this…
I have heard forever the hoopla about “50 Shades Of Grey”…so started to watch it on Netflix….and after 44 minutes..and Christian Grey is leading the attractive Anastasia to His helicopter with his name Emblazoned on it…
well All I could think of was TRUMP
talking to Tarwin was ..well talking to a REAL man….he understands Totally the gulf between the wealthy and the poor…he is from Thailand…came from total poverty….he said in all areas of Thailand except the Big cities…well they do NOT have water or plumbing…he is one of 9 (?) siblings…has a twin brother but they are not close…which he regrets….but his Uncle had the two brothers….(from the age of 6)….. boxing each other for the neighborhood’s  enjoyment..
boxing is a BIG thing in Thailand..
.so he Never felt any love for his brother….
and then his being gay.(he is married to a lawyer..the two guys have been together for 10 years) ..

he said that in Thailand everyone feels that if you are Gay…you want to be a “Lady/Boy”


…they don’t accept that a gay man wants to be a MAN…..


I told him about this Wonderful show (2 season’s) – a Swedish production about a straight man who goes to Thailand looking for a wife..as he is a “loser” in Sweden…well he has many mishaps and eventually falls in love with this “Lady/boy”…who is God damn attractive to me….I would certainly date him/her….
but then he finds out she is a he….
anyway the series is Quite good..called ” 30 degrees in February”…has subtitles…..
and HAS a happy ending….
but what I liked about Tarwin…
he is not only  computer savy…but he  has this calm Buddhist quality about him…he realizes that no one is RIGHT…that we ALL have to just recognize it…..and relax….
at the end of the day it is  not money…social position….
it is Family and Friends that are OUR Wealth
Just  breathe in and out….

2 Responses to “Just Breathe In and Out….”

  1. Richard said

    I must say, you meet the most interesting people. I called a computer “Geek” and he was just that a geek–no personality at all, just computer savy. Oh well, that’s the desert. Have a good one. Hugs R&R

  2. susi said

    How about posting a photo of that beautiful lake? So curious to see…

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