I apolgize for not writing but….

July 16, 2016

I have not written a serious…blog since I left LA…there was something about the stress that created it…that made it an outlet……..
and I do MISS it…
as there was such an emotional and physical feeling…of finally Happiness/Contentment…. as I would finish it early in the AM……
I am truly glad I do not have that stress any more tho… at the same time miss that contentment when I was Happy with what I had written…
Well I Finally have my daily Life in shape…only took me almost a year….as I just last week discovered a Wonderful Library down here in the desert… 
it puts a much needed  writing structure into my daily Life..
I get up early ..well 5:30…read the 3 papers I get…as I have my coffee…..exercise here…then go to the gym or walk for 4 miles….then come back to read …then have lunch….do gardening or whatever….have lunch and leave for the library  at 2 …during the hottest part of the day…and it is in the 115’s now and all next week…and the low is a Hot 85…..which I hate…as I am use to it being cool in the AM…and being able to open all the windows
the library is a wonderful modern structure with wonderful views over the desert wash…..with mountains beyond…..never too crowded….
I want to write a novel about the period between 1916 (when my mom was born) and 1946 when I was born…
am reading the letters that the infamous Mitford girls…there were 6 of them…wrote..to each other during that period…it is amazing …Unity and Diana were totally pro Hitler…as were so many of the Upper class back then…they did NOT believe Hitler was exterminating the Jews…..Jessica was a Communist who ended up in Oakland…Nancy was a writer..married twice and ended up in Paris…Deborah..the youngest became the Duchess of Devonshire…married only once…always said she was the apolitical one…and Pamela they called “Woman” …loved farming
one thing I have to say though…is BACK then…women/girls were NOT sent to school…and the rich had Governesses  like my Aunt Mimi…so basically Women did not have a true education…..and that’s why so many rich girls gladly escaped into marriage to leave their homes behind with their parents and  siblings…and Why so many got divorced from the first man they “fell in love with” to marry supposedly their True Love….
Unity was invited by Hitler everywhere….on his private train….up to the Berghof…his mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps….
her sister Diana…(the family Beauty…blonde, blue eyed)…was married to the Very Popular  fascist Oswald Mosley
 (she had been married to Bryan Guinness of the Guinness beer wealth had two children by him)…but she and Mosley were married with only Hitler and Unity present in one of the Head Nazi’s (Joseph Goebbels) drawing room ….
and yet at this time Mosley whose wife had died a year before was  having an affair with his dead wife’s sister…..

Mosley and Diana were thrown into Holloway prison….for years when war broke out…


Unity was SOOO upset that her country had declared  war on her dear Hitler that she went into the Munich Park and shot herself trying to commit suicide…but failed…..
since war was going on her family did not find out until Many months later….
Hitler on hearing about Unity had a train take her to a clinic in  Switzerland…where her mother and sister found her all those months later
Unity never recovered….she had the mind of an  11 year old child for the rest of her Life….
Diana was called the “Most Hated Woman” in Britain…did get out of Holloway Prison….only to get in an auto accident where her beauty was marred…..
Her mother  felt that the bad things said about Hitler were due to the media…whereas her Father was TOTALLY against Hitler…after the invasion of Poland….
well they separated he moved to an Island in the Hebrides with his house keeper who became his companion….she had lodging in a smaller house….taking care of Unity who died in 1948….
well I could go on and on…one interesting thing I found out was that my First Lover Paul Millard….
Paul had a relationship with Edward James (the Bastard son of Edward VII…Queen Victoria’s son)….who was in  the  Mitford’s social circles…and I was drawn to the theory that Tom Mitford who was never married was gay and must have been intrigued by Edward……
when I met Paul in 1969…he lived in a one bedroom apartment in the building he owned that had been the dressing room of the silent film stars – Norma and Constance Talmadge….on the East side was Norma’s dressing room..(where Paul  and I lived)….in the middle was the dining room…and on the West side was Constance’s dressing room…and the upstairs was the owner of the movie studio’s office…can’t remember if it was Louis Meyer or Schenk (sp?)……think it was Louis….
the building is still there in West Hollywood  ….8952-8956 Norma Place……Paul had the balcony added…he  got it off the set of MGM’s “Meet Me In St Louis”…that Judy Garland starred in….who was in love with Paul..and smashed all the mirrors in his NYC flat when he refused to marry her….
but when you entered Paul’s apartment…you were hit Immediately  by a Dali (think it was called “Galla’s (sp?) (Dali’s wife) Shoe’s”)
…it was a painting of one ballet slipper….etc  ….it was hanging over the credenza……
then there were more Dali paintings and Pavel Tchelitchew and Lenore Fini ones….all over the flat…when I think back  they were worth…and are worth…Many Millions of dollars…and I just took them for granted…which was kind of nice……when I think about it
but back then I did not know anything about art…….but did feel like I should  appreciate it….
I was actually MORE impressed by the Real Candlelit Crystal chandelier he had over the dining table ..as the one I grew up with in DC was a simple electrified thing
Edward James lent these painting to Paul…he had a HUGE collection of Surrealist painting…..
Paul did NOT have a burglar alarm system…but things were more trustworthy back then…
we left for the theatre one night only to come back to see “Gala’s Shoes” gone…
the paper the next day said
“Hello Dolly…Goodbye Dali”
and this was all happening right after the Manson murders
the FBI did recover it Las Vegas 
I never met Edward..
.but Paul’s wonderful housekeeper 
“Miss Clara”…. talked about him..saying he was CRAZY…that he use to fly in a helicopter over Mr Millard’s house….throwing rose petals out…and then would land illegally on the roof of the Rexall Drugstore at the corner of Beverly and San Vicente..
it is now CVS……….this was Before West Hollywood existed…it was the simple town of Sherman….farmland that the gays turned into a Bohemian area…..with the gay bars where one entered through the back door…..
anyway Edward James…married Tilly Losch…an Austrian ballet dancer…in 1930….and when she found out he was Gay..well she took as her lover…the only male amid the 6 Mitford girls..Thomas Mitford…..who was pro Nazi…and refused to fight against Hitler….so was sent to Burma where he was killed in 1945…throwing his father Lord Redesdale into TOTAL Grief….
I marvel at the twist and turns Life  takes…..
Love You!!!
and Ohhhh there’s so Soo much more……

4 Responses to “I apolgize for not writing but….”

  1. adelaidedonnelley said

    YAY!!! I’ve missed these – so glad you’re back to it! And I think a novel is just the thing – I’ve always thought you should do that. Glad to help in whatever way I can. Most important thing is to have an intention (ie I’m DETERMINED to write this novel”) which you must say every morning and whenever doubts about if you can do it arise. Just plug on – with determination! Love you, Daidie

  2. Diana Skrah-Devers said

    Hi Robbie, I have missed your ramblings. 🙂 So glad you are settled, happy and content. Nice that you found, and are enjoying, the library. My maternal grandmother was a librarian, so I was raised to appreciate them. I hope you are keeping up with Uncle Jimmy via my Facebook postings. Much love to you from all three of us!

  3. thskinner said

    Hi Rob,
    I agree with Daidie about your going ahead and writing a novel – you are such a great writer! But, boy, the times/subject matter you describe above sounds tough. I’d look forward, even more, to your second novel – of the next 30 year period – 1946-1976? 🙂

  4. Richard said

    Hi Robby What great stories, they are so very fascinating, I love reading them. So glad you are in the desert so we can see more of you and then read about your former life–yours and your family. Hugs R&R

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