Just Give Me my ballot and MY Ducks Back!!!

August 25, 2016

Recently someone said they were going on “Vacation”….
I thought…oh dear the Maggie Smith syndrome…re: “A Weekend” in Downton Abbey ..
I Always thought when one retired You were on permanent Vacation
A year ago…
I left my job/retired …with no one knowing as they thought I was going to the gym…as I did every day for 25 years….
but I left and went to the Bel Air Hotel for a champagne lunch…..
alone as I wanted…..gazing at their  pond with the  swans I had known for years….
it was all planned.. I wanted to get out of the wonderful hustle of LA….to a quieter life….
I was gazing yesterday at the pond across from my house on the golf course….that a year ago was filled with ducks and geese…..
it is empty of fowl now….but I realized this spring when there was this Wonderful family of a mother, father, 7 ducklings…disappeared…well the ducklings did …
I then noticed More hawks in the area..baby hawks….
the mother and father duck use to parade their kids from one area of this country club’s  pond to mine  at about 9 AM every day….which meant they had to cross the main street in the compound….which is not that traveled..but we All use to stop when they were crossing….
one day as I was going to the gym…the father as usual was in front…the mother followed…crossing the street…..
but NO ducklings…..
I guess it had not dawned on them that their kids had been eaten by one of the Hawks……
You know I am SOOO Sooo tired of our electoral process…
I mean BY NOW…if someone has NOT made up their mind about whom to vote for..well they just should commit themselves to those bent mirrors at the funny farm   and just laugh themselves to death….
it is SOOO Masochistic to me…tho I have cut the cable over a year ago…..I still get Sirius…and hear the candidates…spewing out this unneeded garbage…(well I guess for the White, Uneducated Males it is)
thank God for the BBC…all I listen to now….well have always loved them …especially the London BBC..about how the “Round A Bouts” are not moving due to accidents
 or the trains are not running due to some nude man walking on the rails…..
could Someone just shorten this electoral process….give all those millions of dollars to all those people in the World who REALLY need it……  
Just Give me my ballot and my ducks back!!!

3 Responses to “Just Give Me my ballot and MY Ducks Back!!!”

  1. adelaidedonnelley said

    I love this Rob – a wonderful title – and somehow a metaphor for all those inexplicable things happening out in the world Love you xxd

  2. susi said

    There’s a poem in here…. ❤

  3. Richard said

    Wonderful story, I would like to pretend the candidates are the baby ducklings and take them for a walk–maybe that would eliminate some of the trash we have to listen to every day.

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