Nothing Like Family

October 1, 2016

My Birthday was last Saturday…and I spent it in San Fran with my sister and her son and his wife and their 4 children…the eldest are the boys.. twins being 8… then Ona . the only girl so far…is I think 3..and Luc is 8 months…and I have NEVER seen a Happier  Always Smiling  baby….
what I marvel at…is how they can put up with each other ….living 24/7….Owen is soo soo good for being  a Male….(millennial men seem to have So Much more hands on affection then my parents of us Baby Boomers and my  sister who is from the “silent generation” (I never Knew that term)…
“The Silent Generation is the demographic cohort following the Greatest Generation. There are no precise dates for when this generation starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use starting dates ranging from the mid-to-late 1920s and ending dates ranging from the early-to-mid-1940s.”
His wife Laura  is ..well just Unbelievable….so extremely attractively relaxed…what ever happens just put up with it and go on…..
I don’t know how to say this correctly but she is So sensual…exudes such understated  sexual  Energy…just My gay opinion
…’nuff said….what I mean is he DID not marry a wall flower….
He is a Financial Planner who works from home…she is an Unbelievably talented architect …like she did the Tesla’s office in Beverly Hills years ago…she also works from home …and with the 4 kids
she turned their modest bungalow overlooking the Castro…into
well the living room/kitchen/dining room has this Soaring ceiling….and deck outside….her talent is so soo amazing but she is so ….unassuming…..
they can rent their house out on Airbnb…and get a good price from the heads of Google etc…because of her design making it Soo appealing…….which allows them to travel with the 4 kids to Barcelona…to see her parents…..
and he says…well Uncle Rob..we have to factor into  all of this …if we rent it out…the toll it might take on the kids….and the cost of renting a smaller place…and then Having to pay 30% as Capital gains to the IRS…
(which made me think of Trump who pays NO taxes to support this country)
the weather in SF was just unbelievable…in the 80’s and 90’s without a cloud in the sky…my sister and I spent Sunday (my birthday)…brunch in Sausalito…on the bay…then drove up into Marin County to hike with views that reminded me of Nabil and Jeffs from their fabulous house in the Palisades…as one could gaze from Sausalito to Point Reyes…
we returned in the late afternoon…to see that Laura had set up a dining table on their deck overlooking the Castro….over San Franciso…out to the Bay Bridge…..
I knew they had planned a “Surprise” …and yet they KNOW I hate surprises…..
so after dinner….my Grand nephs came out sort of  struggling with  a file  box…that was dripping water…had holes in the top of it….and my sister Daidie asked me to read this letter she had written….and when I started she said “LOUDER”….which I felt was kinda ABRUPT it WAS MY birthday…..
the letter said that since in one of my blogs I had bemoaned the fact there were not any ducks on my pond this year…like they were when I bought this bungalow a year ago
…that they were giving me 
that  after many a calls to the Supervisors at Alaska Air….found out I COULD take a duckling back as long as it sat on my lap…..
well you can imagine what went through my mind…before I opened the box….
could I dump it outside of SF airport…
could I just set it free …nonchalantly in the airport….
could I sent it back by UBER…..
so I lifted the top…
there was  a LARGE bathtub yellow plastic duck…..
They Got Me!!!
Nothing Like Family!!!

2 Responses to “Nothing Like Family”

  1. adelaidedonnelley said

    Well this time a rubber duck, but next time . . . . who knows! ;-)) xx ps I still have images from that sparkling day. So wonderful to share it with your – your sister xx

  2. Richard said

    Fab story, loved the rubber duckling!1 Just what you needed. Belated Happy Birthday Hugs R&R

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