Life Is So Deliciously Wonderful

October 16, 2016

Many years ago…probably 20…I gave my first “large party”…it was in my 4 storied  flat that Nacho…and Meg and Zach lived in….but this was before I knew them
It was a Thanksgiving dinner for like 20 people….and I was blessedly single at that time..and I say that only because of  YEARS of experience with different lover’s personalities…I mean to think of whether they were pleased with my sexual performance was always a question mark…until after….and then having to cook for the fuckers…I am NOT an Alpha male…but most of them were…except when it came to Actually having to do the grunt work…(ha!) 
….but carving a turkey – actually mashing potatoes with a Masher….walking up the  two flights of stairs from the kitchen….bringing up the plates….
well I SWORE…I would NEVER  EVER again to give a “Large” party….
Well I just did
I have been Sooo excited about the party I gave last night for my dearest friends…Jim (“Rita”)…and Nacho….
I am so anal that I have been planning the flow of traffic…to where Jeff could smoke (he never found it)…to making sure there were enough glasses rather than plastic…to how the sprinklers affected the area (I bought coffee mugs from the Alley to put over all 15 sprinklers that come on at 7:50 and a lit pumpkin to put on each mug) to making sure there was a chair for Tim with his broken ankle…. etc etc….
At one point there were 70 people coming to this humble bungalow overlooking the golf course that was not in action due to reseeding…which I had not known so had bought Everyone a hard hat just in case there was a stray ball…..
There was a staff of 6…and all I can say it is that They Were Fabulous….food Excellent…the bartending staff so amusing and pouring Fine drinks…(we went through 5 liters of Vodka)
The gods Really for some reason smiled on me…as the Weather was Palm Springs Picture Perfect….and La Bella Luna was 100% full which was a Wonder to behold when you walked down onto the golf course…and saw it Majestically rising…..I mean it was TRULY Moving…
I guess because I was so wiped with planning and assembling tables….and just being my overly too sensitive self….
that  I had not slept….for several days ….due to stressing….(like imagine it raining… and all of those people had to be inside my tiny bungalow with the 6 in help…well it would just be like a Gay bar back in the 70’s (sigh)…elbow to elbow.,..(was going to use a Trump term…but refuse to)
but I had SOOO wanted to be part of the party….
 It was like I was watching through a veil….
people would talk to me….I would nod and smile…but one  eye was always watching to make sure people were OK…..that EVERYTHING was flowing……but I only heard snippets of what they were saying to me …it was almost like I was slightly deaf …to them…
everyone left at the latest …by 9…probably earlier…I was in such a fog….but my dear friend Ron emptied the house when I told him I was about to literally faint to the ground…and I had not eaten nor had imbibed any spirits…..
then Rita who was probably on his 5th Vodka Gimlet asked for another…and Nacho told me his dear friend Dorian was purposely driving up to the party from San Diego…and was late due to his having to pick up his father from the hospital due to liver failure….was to arrive at 9:00
so I had my  First beer…
well I was blown away by Dorian…..
he rented a room from Nacho down in one of Nacho’s condo’s in downtown LA several years ago….
Dorian is so mellow as Nacho said he was….
his REAL Beauty comes from the Inner Calm Energy inside of him….
and to see Dorian and Nacho together 
.. it is like seeing the Best of Two  Loving Brothers together…such a soft…no drama…smile of Happiness….
it is like watching ducks swimming on a pond contentedly 
(shit where are my ducks this year and no thanks relatives in the Castro)
after my 3rd beer. and Rita’s 6th gimlet 
 Nacho wonderfully helped him  to  bed…
I told Nacho and Dorian …… I HAD to go to bed
They went onto Hunters (a Hot Gay/Mixed bar)…and met  two young  attractive giants…who were straight… told them to kiss each other (well they faked kiss each other)…and then HE  kissed each of them …deep throat….until this guy’s sister came up and pulled her brother off of them…
Saying Hey My Brother Is NOT Gay…….
I so Thank the gods  for introducing me to Nacho all those years ago….when he answered my Craig’s listing for my spare room…saying he was bi-sexual…(HA!!)
but then I was always lucky with the people that lived in that room…from the Fabulous Sami Alim…a Professor at Stanford…who has written many well known books on hip hop…
to the Fabulous Newscaster Ross Palombo…(Rita use to say his teeth were so WHITE that they were blinding….and he needed sunglasses to talk to him)….
to the Wonderful…Wonderful SOOO talented Actress, Singer, Composer, Writer …Meg Steedle..and her wonderful boyfriend Zach Bandler…who ALSO is Soooo talented…he is a Writer….Actor…Director..he wrote, directed and produced that wonderful acclaim winning short movie about my earlier life…which I had NO idea he had done…(“The Stairs”)…it is Quite Wonderful…with the Fabulous actor Anthony Heald playing me…..
Years ago I was having difficulty with the fact a lover I had  been with for 12 years 
 left me for a bus boy at the Plaza night club….and then I told him he had to move out..
he gave me a bill of EVERYTHING he had spent…. supposedly on me…like the Sparkletts water bill that we both shared….to the gifts we had given to my Uncle Sumner…..
well I Was Just Totally Flabergasted that a “Lover of 12 years” would Ever entertain that idea from the beginning of a relationship….
Rita said it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me…as Don could tell a “joke”…a “story”…well it went on for like EVVVVERRRR…
my Uncle Sumner got sooo tired of Don’s telling the story of the vicar and his wife who got their fingers pricked by a rose in Australia…. that after 7 minutes  he put his fingers in his ears and waved them….
Don shut up and excused himself for the men’s room….(this was at the Golden Bull in Santa Monica)
it was shortly after that he fell “in love” with the bus boy
the reason that he gave me the bill was that we had to sell a property at 8941 Keith Avenue …(that I ORIGINALLY  signed over half  of to him as we were lovers)….in  the VERY Now…. expensive West Hollywood.. a block and a half above the “Abbey” .there were 3 units on the property….it is worth over a million dollars now…but was not back then…)
I talked to the head of my metaphysical church…”The Science of Mind”…Dr Robert Bitzer… who was 92…about my issue
he thought for a moment….
he said “Rob…you can’t look at the Valleys in your Life… Look at the Mountains….
and to climb them you need to keep saying  the simple mantra…
you know I have…and it DOES work…things you would never believe DO come to you when you least expect it….
Life might be hard…but at the End of the day it is Soo deliciously Wonderful!!!!

3 Responses to “Life Is So Deliciously Wonderful”

  1. jana said

    your writing is always so lovely and so surreal… you are, indeed, observing life through a veil or a lens blinded with vaseline……I’m sorry if you were too far-away from stress and exhaustion to enjoy your party in its entirety but it sounds as if it ended on a very wonderful note indeed. Cheers to you!

  2. Richard said

    Fabulous story and a Fabulous Party–my first outing since our trip and it was so worth while–we had such a great time and the food was wonderful–Great job–slaving in the kitchen all day really turned out well. Loved the story and parties are tough some times, just relax and enjoy them. If something happens–too bad, there is always another around the corner. Be Happy Dear Friend Hugs R&R

  3. Tom Thompson said

    Really beautifully written Robby, your truly a beautiful man as well. Tom

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