January 11, 2017

I ambled out to my Favorite Library in the Desert…Rancho Mirage…..

…to continue my research about the period after the First “Great” War…before WWII…….

 to find  that there was a talk by the author William J Mann …talking about his most recent book “The War of The Roosevelt’s” in the Community Room….

 I went into the far room of the Libe… that I love as I was early..

am reading about Vita Sackville West and her husband Harold Nicolson….their  life is Fascinating….she was born with the utmost “Privilege”..her father’s family house “Knole” is called  ” a calendar house, which had 365 rooms, 52 staircases, 12 entrances and seven courtyards…” its grounds on a 1000 acre park

 both were gay…..a Very Unusal marriage….she was a lover of Virginia Woolf

 tho her grandfather was a UK Diplomat…Ambassador to Washington during Garfield’s Presidency …her grandmother was a kinda of wild gypsy…who was named “Pepita”….with whom her grandpapa fell madly in love

 .Vita’s mother Victoria  was born out of wedlock…meaning illegitimate back then…as were her siblings

 I found my usual desk overlooking the wash…with the mountains in the distance…..and at one end of the wash is a vERY small golf course as there are like two holes in the wash

 ….today it was quite busy…with one of the players dogs racing sooo SOO Fast from one side of the wash to the other that it seemed almost impossible for a dog with such small legs to run soooo fast….and I mean this was FAR FAR away from me…like watching ants…I wished I had binoculars

 I laid my books down claiming the desk…am reading “Portrait of a Marriage” by her son…Nigel Nicolson….but have realized I have read a lot of it before….

 which doesn’t bother me with the veil of dementia being slowly lowered….

 I saw my GP yesterday and when he asked me if I had any worries…I said to him as I said to Dr Kittering 15 years ago…my mind is NOT what it is was…

Dr K those years ago..said well do you put your keys in the freezer…I said no…he said well you do not have dementia…don’t worry….tho he did order a brain scan…and gosh…the reds and blues and greens were never explained to me…I was told I was OK…tho I DID want to Know what all that red meant…

 Dr H said….what do you think you have forgotten…I said well the Golden Globes were last night and La La Land won big…but tho I saw that movie I don’t remember it….except the beginning when they all danced on cars….he said well he did not care for the movie as much as he felt he should have…as he loved the musical “Moulin Rouge”.. (and yes Dr H is Gay)……………

 but I often sped read a book and skip alot if I have another one of my used books arrive in the post…..

 as a child I tuned out All the speeches that my father watched on TV (B/W)…by President Eisenhower as I JUST HATED them…they were so boring…as were sport games…which my Dad watched …so consequently when I listen to songs…I Never  listened to the lyrics….

 am just listening Now that my mind is creeping toward the  light…..

 Mann gave an interesting speech…talk..

 well  like 30 minutes after he started…

 there were two older guys in front of me that kept almost bending … over….. falling  to the floor in sleep…their wives elbowing them…..where upon they bolted erect…only to fall gradually back into sleep…..

 what perked me up was when he talked of Elliott Roosevelt Mann…(no relation to the author )…the son of Elliott Roosevelt….who was the son of Teddy Roosevelt…..the half brother of Eleanor.

 Elliott had sex with the household maid….and back then you just were NOT accepted into the family if YOU had sex with one of THEIR family members..and had a child…(sigh!!!)

 so this mother and her child were thrown out onto the streets……were penniless….

 Elliott went on thru school and became a success…..

 when I came home tonight I decided to watch “Twin Peaks”…a TV show produced back in 1990…as I loved it back it it is TOTALLY twerkily weird…..

 it brought back so many memories….

 the lake lapping on the shore as Laura’s body is discovered wrapped in plastic…..

 that sound of lapping of the lake is so comforting…it made me think of our summer cabin….

 of Randy’s gas station just a bit away from our mile long drive in to the house…he was just SOOO wonderful…he always wore   those greasy bib overalls that most gas station attendants wore back then…this is a lone gas station ….20 miles from the nearest town “Cable” of like 200 people….when you drove in, your car would cross one of those rubber tubes that created the Ding ..ding that announced to the guys in the garage that they had a customer at the lone pump….

 he would come out smiling….he use to repair our Bratts and Stratton(?) pump that would push the water from our well into the wooden barrel …quite large….above the ground…that was on stilts….I remember Mother with her “Gosh Darns” as she in her calf length leather boots tried to get that engine to turn over…the pump had to be started by foot pressure…..

 Randy’s  wife worked at the nearby Bobynn Inn …that Al Capone use to hang out in on vacation from Chicago….. (before  my time)….

 it had such such Wonderful Fried Chicken ..with jars of  sweet pickles on every table…..

 the bar area always reeked of beer but had this Fabulous juke box…where songs were like 3 for a dime…..and my sister Daidie’s favorite was “If I’d a

nkown you were accoming I’d have baked a cake”

 Randy’s wife had lost her hand in a sawmill…and I marvelled at how she could stack up plates on that one handless arm to carry back  to the kitchen….

 she had wire rimmed glasses as did Randy…she wore one of those white uniforms…..

 Their Blueberry Pies…were so unbelievably Wonderful….

 There are tastes and Memories that I Know can never be taken away…

 as one sails into the Sunset……

One Response to “Sunset”

  1. Richard Steele said

    My God!!! I love those stories, when you mentioned the man coming out of the station to wait on you because of the black rubber tube–that was my Father, he had the Standard Oil Station from 1945 until the late 50’s, also had the Chevrolet Car Agency where he sold new cars and used cars along with Oliver Farm Machinery and Gen Electric Appliances. I got to pump gas when i was old enough, even decorated the windows with crepe paper–a little on the gay side for a small town of 323. Love the memories. Hugs R&R

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