Richard Steele

January 25, 2017

I am Totally Devastated by our loss of Richard

He had such a flair…when he entered a room with some ridiculous costume…or suited in   Formal Dinner Attire

….with that Explosive Smile…

He just lit up the ROOM!!!!

Years ago …my dear friend Laura Mans told me to start committing my writing to a blog…such as Word Press…I did

A year ago when I moved to the desert I started to share my blog with the natives…

Well Dear, dear Wonderful Richard would not let one pass without his commenting on it……(and he responded to EVERYONE that I sent out)

His husband (of 30 some years or was it 40 s0me)….Robert I TOTALLY adore….they were just one of the Best Couples I have EVER met… loving so close….

I have only known them for 2 years….

but Richard deciding to get on that flight so early without telling us…..has left a HUGE  hole in my Heart…My Life…..

….I guess I will  just have to wait to see him When I take that flight…

And here are some of his comments going back to the beginning:

Good story, don’t know if I want to see the movie–I prefer “Sound of Music”–I love skipping down the hill singing at the top of my lungs. Thanks for the B’day wishes. R&R

Wonderful!!! So very true, looking back and wishing I had been more athletic but am so happy where I am today–a little chubby–and that too shall change–going to get an athletic figure this year. Thanks for the great article.

Super enjoyable once again. Thank you for the fab stories, so glad our families came from the Midwest with the same “values” R&R

Oh I forgot, when I worked in the little grocery store in my hometown, I had to wrap the “kotex” in brown paper bags and put them on the shelf, just this mysterious little brown box that people would come in to buy. We have come a long way–I think

My God, you went through so much–just like me. When my lover left, he took so many things–my favorite was the chandelier in the dining room–I didn’t notice it for two weeks until one evening I went to turn the light on and it was gone. Best thing that ever happened to me. Great story. Enjoy your retirement here with your “friends”-we love you. R&R

Wonderful story, I would like to pretend the candidates are the baby ducklings and take them for a walk–maybe that would eliminate some of the trash we have to listen to every day.

Wonderful!! Now this sounds like me, I hate the computer and all the little things that come with them–give me a simple Smith Corona and I am a happy typing teacher. Loved the article, brings me a little joy to this crazy circle I am in-hate hospitals and doctors at this point.

Fabulous story and a Fabulous Party–my first outing since our trip and it was so worthwhile–we had such a great time and the food was wonderful–Great job–slaving in the kitchen all day really turned out well. Loved the story and parties are tough some times, just relax and enjoy them. If something happens–too bad, there is always another around the corner. Be Happy Dear Friend Hugs R&R

Wonderful once again, I wish you would continue on and on and on—love the stories. Hugs R&R

Wow!!! that reminds me when I worked at Deer Park Lodge in Manitowish Waters, they had dances every night and we poor workers could listen to the music but could not dance until we were off work–then just near our cabins. Good Memories of the people, not the ones that ran the lodge. R&R

Great story, glad I did not have to go camping like that, I would have died. My father never told me that he loved me, I did however tell him so and he cried. Hugs R&R

Good one again, I remember my Dear Mother–saying “Dick now sit up straight when you are at the table, don’t slouch. ” Always after me to hold in my lip as I had thick lips, wish she were here now to tell me that. R&R

My God!!! I love those stories, when you mentioned the man coming out of the station to wait on you because of the black rubber tube–that was my Father, he had the Standard Oil Station from 1945 until the late 50’s, also had the Chevrolet Car Agency where he sold new cars and used cars along with Oliver Farm Machinery and Gen Electric Appliances. I got to pump gas when i was old enough, even decorated the windows with crepe paper–a little on the gay side for a small town of 323. Love the memories. Hugs R&R

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