Mrs Churchill

March 26, 2017

I have been thinking of “Churchey”

his real name was Patrick Winston Churchill…..

I don’t quite know quite why …as I was talking to my dear friend Jack …..

We were talking about our childhoods

I had like this vision of Churchey’s mother…Mrs Churchill driving her immense Cadillac onto the grounds of St Albans in DC…a school I attended from 4th grade to the 12th ….to pick up her son at 4:30

this was back in the 50’s and I  was in 4th grade…..

I graduated in 1964……

But she had one of those Fabulous Caddies with the windswept fins on the back, the white top ….

It  just reeked of such elegance…..

And Mrs Churchill was always dressed to the nines….coming from one of her luncheons….I think her favorite perfume was “Enigma”…wonder if they still make it…her nails were that wonderful Chinese Lacquer Red…looking back now…she had TOO much makeup on…in sort of a scarey way for young me…

in  winter she wore such a Fabulous white Sable….

Churchey was an only child…his father had left his mother for a younger woman….and man did Mrs Churchill spoil her son….

They drove me home once…and all I remember was how mesmerized I was by her gold jangling diamond  bracelets as she clutched the steering wheel with her long white   gloves on…….

she was NOT a young thing….and now that I ponder on it Churchey must have been a mistake or a late in life child for her that guaranteed an income when her husband left them…but then I am probably wrong….


Jack and I talked about how back in our day..the word “faggot” and “queer” did not exist…as frankly homosexuality was not known to me…nor talked about by our parents….

My mother’s close friends would talk about “Bachelors”….meaning older men that were unmarried…..and somehow lesbians were referred to as “spinsters”…..which had more sting to my questioning ears……

I mean Bachelor sounds so much better than “spinster”…and also they use to say “old spinster” and not “old bachelor”……

But getting back to Jack….

If you have ever entered a party and beheld a man holding court.

In my mind he would be the one with the tuxedo…sitting casually atop a Grand piano…at the Carlyle …..people at his feet…enthralled by his wit and elegance…while the player is  his husband the Divine Greg…

and you would wonder…if you were not familiar with them…WHY….

well the they are just an example of how wonderful those waters in Milwaukee were back in the day….as I have Yet to meet a bad Milwaukean

Jack’s back story is just as heart wrenching as Greg’s…(I wrote about him  in the Ethyl blog)

Jack’s father left the family when Jack was only 2…..and Jack had an older sister and brother…..

they were at NOT   a wealthy family……

his mother was a devout Catholic…..and she turned to the church when her husband left her..without ANYTHING

…and asked her  priest….

she was NOT asking for money from the “poor box” that was near the entrance to Every church back in the day….

she was merely asking for guidance for a lone woman with 3 young children

well the priest …was just God Awful to her….and at the end of the day…since she was a divorced woman …told her that  she could NOT take communion anymore…

and more or less said without words that she was NOT welcome in the church anymore …as SHE had sinned by her not holding onto that bastard of a husband who had deserted her


His mother suffered an emotional collapse…then got TB and was put in an sanitarium ….

Jack and his siblings were raised by his mother’s mother and her sister….

… they Never had any money…grew up in a Black neighborhood….Jack earned money for his family  by cleaning out toilets and the classrooms at schools (forgive me Jack if this is wrong)

Many years later ……He and his  brother bought a condo for their mother to live in near his  brother….

Jack after several  disastrously cruel relationships finally met his Destiny augured by the gods…..

the second most wonderful guy one could meet….and Man does he hug you  …..

Greg….. who had escaped Hades only to float into Jack’s arms…..

To Know them…is to make those Cole Porter music movies come True…..

Jack is Still  the one on the piano singing…as Greg with his lightening bolt smile is Still  playing the piano…

(sigh….Dream DO come true……)


and I still wonder what happened to Churchey and Mrs Churchill….but then again maybe not knowing is better…as the fantasy lives on…..

6 Responses to “Mrs Churchill”

  1. Rob…….re “Enigma”……I am guessing you mean this perfume, made by Lubin (it is discontinued, but what a gorgeous bottle):

    (how is it that Jack’s mother was unwed, if there was a husband who deserted her? Confused)

    No matter, what was the case, so happy that Jack & Greg found each other. Yes, upon occasion, dreams DO come true!

  2. Rob said

    Thanks Janet…I meant a divorced woman…have corrected it

  3. Jack Balzer said

    As I sat down this morning with my Sunday morning paper and coffee I decided to take a quick peek at my iPad and saw Robby’s heartwarming article which included me and my beloved Greg. To see my conversation about my chidhood with dear Robby in print did bring tears to my eyes…somehow living it and then seeing it in print years later brought back so many memories of my mother, grandmother and sister and brother and how we survived with so little. We made it through …all left with some emotional scars from all we went through I’m sure. I now appreciate every single thing I have. I take nothing for granted. I truly love my family, dear friends, my beloved Greg and the wonderful life I now have. Now I feel very blessed and have more than I ever dreamed of having…but it was a tough sad road sometimes getting here. Thank you Robby for telling my story. Love and Hugs. Jack and Greg. ( PS to Janet….yes my father left us for another woman. Never paid child support…but that was in the early 1940s…there were few rights or help for a woman whose husband left her)

  4. Hi, Jack…..I understood about the other woman, just didn’t understand the action of the priest. But Rob has clarified and now I do. I’m sure that things are much different now, but that certainly doesn’t help you. But, if it were not for all these things that happened, or if they had happened differently, you would not be the person you are today. Who knows, you might not have met or partnered forever with that man with ‘the lightning bolt smile’ (one of the best descriptives EVER). And you might not have been so deeply grateful that your life has been brought to beauty through tragedy. May you only know happiness, always.

  5. by the way, looked and looked this morning trying to find any mention of Patrick…..but none. If I may ask, what was his mother’s name?

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